RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Ferat Sahin

9920023Sahin is one of my favorite teacher at RIT. His accent is hard to understand for about 5 seconds, then there is no problem with it. He can get going pretty fast in Computer Archeticture, but that's because of the large amount of material to cover. He's a very personable professor and loves to talk with his students. I have learned a ton about computers from him and I will take him again for other courses he teaches.
8820012Good Professor, always available on office hours and explains well his hwks, but I hope they'd change the Matlab course book cause it is a sheit. and since he goes to the basics and to the book, I couldn't understand a thing on matlab, if not for the office hours. So if you don't have time available before his class you'd probably take someone else. His grading is excellent, much more than fair.
9120012EXCELLENT TEACHER. I had him for matlab and my attendance was 5/10 and i didnt give ma homework in on time..however he was VERY lenient about it. Hes a great professor. TAKE HIM...definetely
9920012he is a guy from Turkey. I think it's normal for him to have a little accent. It's not bad at all. he is cool and he explains the material very good. For those guys who don't attend to the class and say he can't explain the material in the class: first attend and then judge. he is a great guy.
8820012He knows his stuff really well but sometimes has a little trouble communicating it to his students. I took him for Computer Architecture and Data Structures. Beware of his tests, its not that they are too hard, just way too much in to do in the time. At the end of the hour the whole class was usually still working and not even near finishing. After some people complained about the first exam, on the second he let people take the exam whenever they could on a Friday and have more time to do it. He is a really nice guy and genuinely cares that you learn the material. He is always available to talk to and go over the material with you in his office if you need to. He even replied to an email of mine on a Sunday! He took the whole class out to Ruby Tuesdays after the final, which was cool too. A great guy, I'd take him again if I get the chance.
6820012MatLab wouldn't be bad class if only I could understand what he was saying. English skills are not to good.
9120011Good professor. Very student oriented and is willing to help out. Very nice and appoachable as well. Class was difficult but not overwhelming. Changed the grading on the syllabus to help the class out. Is that an awesome teacher or what?
9920011Best teacher i have had so far. Only prof i know that actually cares if you learn. Makes you do alot of work but you will learn and you will be rewarded for doing the work.
8120011Teaches from the book, except he manages to make it more confusing and less understandable. Very helpful if you come to him with questions outside of class. Very willing to organize study sessions, and tries to help his students get the grade they deserve. However, his grading leaves something to be desired, and his lack of solid explanations in class only hurts your grade further.
8120011He didn't do a very good job of teaching the material, but when asked a question outside of class or in a scheduled study session, he would do almost the entire problem, explaining it step by step for you to understand.
8820004Good teacher, not very easy to understand all the time, but like others said, if you read the book and visit during office hours, you'll do fine. Don't expect too much from the actual class lecture. Some of his words are still caught up in his foreign dialect so it wll take a few times before you actually realize what he is saying.
9520003He is extremely helpful outside of class and genuinly welcomes question in class. Has some problem clearly answering questoins sometimes.
9920003Great Professor. I had him for intro to c and he taught the class well. Programming is a hard class but he manages to communicate well with the students. Always encourages questions and participation. The workload is great because you're never doing more than 1 thing at once. The projects and homeworks are relatively easy, especially with the book handy. The midterm and final were all multiple choice and the questions were very easy. I highly recommend this professor.
9120002Pretty cool guy, very helpful outside of class. He might not the best teacher I've had in programming, but as long as you do read the book and see him outside of class there shouldn't be a problem. He is a pretty cool guy which is really good.