RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Fung Tseng

7820023Please don't take this professor unless you absolutely have to. Although he is lenient with deadlines, you probably won't learn much by just going to class. The majority of what you will learn(especially in C programming) will be on your own by reading the textbook.
6820012Horrible teacher if you go to class. It's almost as if he's trying to insult the English language. However, if you can read and learn from the book, take him as you won't have to go to class.
5320012Had him for Intro to Electrical Engineering as a requirement for Mechanical engineering... He is impossible to understand, often makes mistakes in class and doesn't explain what he does wrong and starts a new problem, faces the board the entire time and no one can understand what he is saying, strict grader and the class average grade was around 55 and 60. I wish I could learn the material... he just made the information more confusing and more frustrating... Try to pick another professor if there is one available.
8520012only take this class if you can learn from a text book. if you can then his tests arent to hard and his grading is fair. he's around alot out of class if you need help with a program. but if you go to class bring a pillow
6120012If you speak English, then I suggest not taking this class. You will not learn anything from Dr. Tseng. He can't speak English and does not explane anything. He only shows examples and expects you to know what he is talking about, only you can't understand him b/c he can't speak clearly. If your going to take C PROGRAMING, DON'T TAKE TSENG.
9520012Tseng really knows his stuff. His teaching method is not the best but he is always willing to help outside of class. And as long as you do the hw you should get an A.
6820012Tseng, Knows what hes talking about but never explains it to you. Uses overhead way too much!!! learning the subject matter is NOT going to happen in his class. To do well you will have to memorize the sample tests. Avoid if possible.
7820011Great teacher outside of class. Very help on a one-to-one basis. Sample quizes and test best preperation for his tests. Unfortunatly not a very good in-class teacher for C++. Hard to understand, and doesn't present the material well.
5320011By far the worst professor I've yet to have at RIT. Last spring I had him for C programming and got stuck taking him again this fall for advanced programming for eng. The lectures consist of him putting his programs on the overhead and going over them all class never teaching any of the concepts of programming. If you look around the room at the end of class not a single person is paying attention, and with good reason you don't need to know how to program to do well in his class. The test are just memorization of his sample test, which he gives out two days before the test, and tricks to due the programs can be found on his infamous website. While he seems like a nice person, only take him if you want to learn nothing. Otherwise avoid at all costs.
7820011The way he just stands up there and just lectures about c++ can put just about anyone to sleep. Combining being tired, having a teacher that doens't speak good english, and a teacher that doesn't have good command over his class equals a hard time staying awake. He knows what he's doing and if you do listen in class you will learn the material; however with programming you learn more anyway by reading the book and doing the homework. So if you don't like a teacher who just stands and lectures at the board and can't speak good english, don't take this guy.
7520011You aren't going to learn much. However, an easy A if you study the sample quiz before the quiz and the sample test before the test
7120003Teaches a head of the assigned homework making it difficult to keep track of whats going on in the class.
5320003Haven't learned anything from Tseng. Sometimes I forget if I am here to get an education.
7520003Tseng taught me basically nothing the entire quarter. He had semi-easy homework and hard but few tests. Going to class is not necessary as you wont learn anything. You are better off reading the book. However it is quite amusing to listen to him talk and mangle the english language.
9920002BEST teacher in the department. Easy grader, great help out of class. Friendly and always willing to help. Easy to understand in the classroom. Excels in his english as compared to other professors.
4820002Please avoid this professor, is the only advise...
8120002C-programming: tests aren't easy, but weekly homeworks aren't too hard.
4820002I learned nothing in his class and still got an ok grade.. i couildnt write a line of c++ if my life depended on it. You cant undeerstand him at all... seems like a nice guy but not a good teacher.
8120001Projects for his C++ are difficult because the outputs make very little sense. Is helpful and available. Tests are easy since an example is given earlier in the week.
6519993He s really easy but he doesn t know a word of english.