RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Franz Seischab

4820023I'm a first year biotech student and I was enjoying all of my classes until i had him. He pretty much took the fun out of learning... he's boring and the tests he provides is seriously deficient. Avoid him at all costs!
6520023Very tough gen bio 2 teacher. Runs through lots of material each day. Tests require *tons* of studying. Not friendly or approachable at all.
8120023can't teach well.. not friendly either. READ THE BOOK!!!!!
4820023So bad he made baby Jesus cry. If you plan on taking this professor, plan on investing in a psychologist; this guy made one kid go crazy (not me). Instead of getting tanked, I had to study ALL weekend #JUST TO PASS!! :*-(
9120023Knows his stuff, but he could tell his students when they do a good job. He's very discouraging sometimes despite his innovative way of teaching
9920023Dr. Seischab is very knowledgable, challenging, and helpful. His classes are demanding and some people just can't handle that. His ecology classes are great - he is brilliant.
8520023biology isn't an easy subject to begin with... it takes work anyway, there aren't concepts that are learned, it's facts that are learned and a teacher can't instill so many facts in you in 10 weeks. of course you're going to have to do work outside of class, which seischab requires. but his tests aren't bad when you know the material, which you should. you can't expect to walk into his lectures every day and walk out knowing everything you should. he only has 3 tests including the final, so you have to work extra hard. but he does curve very much, and he's not that bad of a guy once you actually talk to him.
7120023the tests are very tricky and that gets us confused.
6520023He's a horrible professor. He doesn't teach, he just reads straight from the notes. And the tests are extremely hard. The class average for a test is usually about 60. The only way to survive the class is to memerize his notes by heart.
5320013VERY BAD TEACHER!!!! He reads over lecture notes word for word which are posted online but the tests are extremely difficult. DON'T TAKE THIS PROFESSOR IF YOU CAN AVOID HIM. I'm warning you.
5320012Thank god hes going to retire. i had him for gen. bio, and i told him i hadnt taken bio before. i went to him for help with ways to peform better and he offered me nothing. hes a real *%%$#@
4820012With out a doubt, the most boring professor at RIT. He basically says he "hates" you if your not a College of Science major, and that If your not, you shouldn't be taking the class. But get what jack@$$, it's required for the bio program for CS degree. He's extremely difficult, and his test's are VERY tricky. Horrible teacher!
5820012Avoid this teacher at all cost.
8820012tests are hard, but i learned a lot!!! Doesn't ask random questions as Buckley does on tests. He curves!
5320012He wasn't really too friendly to students. I felt as if I was being treated like a Junior High School student rather than a college student. He was very rude in class, and the lectures could not have been more boring. His tests were extremely long and very very very hard. The majority of the class got F's and D's. Avoid this professor at all costs!
6820012Way too caught up on nitty details and very monotone in class; very BORING!!!!!!
9520011I only had Dr. Seischab for one quarter-genbio...LOVED him. He let the class know the first day that his class was not going to be a walk in the park, and I worked hard to get the grade I deserved. Definately got my tutition dollars out of it! :)
7120002nice, and very interesting, but expects more details that you can learn for tests, you can know everything and it's not enough.
7520002His lecture was very boring. The lectures are nothing more than reading an outline from his lecture notes on his web site. He designs test to specifically trick you. The questions are very wordy and difficult to read. He creates his test from his lecture mostly, but you should still read the text book. Anyone taking the class needs to really know your biology to get anywhere in his class. This is a professor that doesn't care whether you learn or not.
7120002Worst professor I've had so far. He is so boring and his tests are very wordy and hard.
8820002I think Dr. Seichab is very interested in helping students learn, but this doesn't mean just having us regurgitate facts. He asks you to apply the facts he teaches to different situations, and although you may not be able to give a perfect answer, if you show that you know you're stuff and thought about the question, he'll be happy. What's lacking in his class is an opportunity to test your knowledge before the exam- there are no quizzes or homeworks.