RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Frank Sciremammano

9920023Exlain's what is needed, then does example problems. He has been her awhile and has figured out what the student likes. Fluid Mechanics. I would take him again.
6120023His grading sucks don't think about taking him
9920003Dr. S is an excellent teacher. I would take him again for Anything! I had him for Transport Phen in Spring of 2000. I think I'll say, best teacher I've ever had.
8520003Best teacher in the department. Does not BS you like other profs. You do the work, you get a good grade. The way it should me. Other teachers take a note please.
9920003Great guy, had him for Numerical Methods and he was excellent. Really knows his material and is a great teacher.
9920002If you have options, Dr. S. is a great professor to have.
9920002Great lecturer, really knows subject. Second best prof in the department.
9520002Knows his stuff. Lot's of examples. Easy to approach for help. Good personality.