RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Frank Annunziata

6820023While Prof. Annunziata is a very animate professor, and he is quite passionate about his teachings, classes were run poorly. He was often late, and the discussion was often led off on tangents, which meant we never completed the task at hand for the given day. As a person, I liked Prof. Annunziata. As a professor, except for being passionate about what he does, he needs to remember that his students are there for a reason, to learn; not to hear his opinions constantly.
8820023It was hard to get used to his class, but in the end of the quarter I was really enjoying it. It was hard to get used to, though. Do not take any of his classes if you don't want to read, because there is ALOT of reading. I found it to be interesting, though, so I didn't mind it really. The way he conducts class is also very unique, but I think I learned alot from him. The tests got easier as the quarter went on, as well, and in my class (U.S. since '45) it was all from the books we read. Overall I thought he was a pretty good professor, interesting personality, and would recommend him if you have a high interest in history. If not, you probably shouldn't take his classes.
5820012I will never take another class from this professor. Though he is well read and very knowledgeable - he is pompous and his class is terrible. He wastes class time by consistantly showing up late, telling unrelated stories that glorify being: Italian, from NYC, or a professor. Class discussion is somewhat moot because it quickly becomes clear that his opinon is really all that matters. This man shows favoritism to students he's had before and all the women in class. His choice of assigned reading is poor at best and there is LOTS of it. Don't be fooled by the class title US Social and Intellectual History - in reality it translates to All About ME and Immigration Too!
8520011The Course should have been titled The History of Everbody Annunziata has ever met, Not Us socail and intellectual History. He jumps around from topic to topic sso as history appears more as a jumble rather than orderd. Expects two much work as far as reading is concerned, his books whlie controversial are acceptable, his class discusion reagrding these books is severly lacking. Like to inform you of his opinion making students feel that only his opinion matters. While i appreciate how quickly he familiarized himeself with individual students he speaks of private conversation in class making us feel uncomfortable to approach him outside of class.
9520011He's crazy but a good teacher. His interactive style makes the material interesting. Be prepared to read a lot and write a few medium sized papers. Overall a good guy.
4820004The professor doesn't know much and talks too much too. Wouldn't recommend taking his class.
9920003Cool guy, take him if u can...Some work but if ur not a lazy FU#k Take him!