RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Fereydoun Kazemian

9120023For Scientific Programming, the lectures could be viciously boring, but they were generally pretty informative. The programming projects were pretty easy, but I at the same time felt that I learned a lot from them, and I definitely came away from the class with a lot of new techniques in my mental programming methods handbook.
5820023He is so boring. His test questions are very vague. He is pretty horrible.
6520023Professor seems to know what he's talking about pretty well. Unfortunately his exams are horribly difficult, and some of the exam material we are expected to learn ourselves, with very little, if any, coverage in class. Also, he's not a mean guy, but he's still not very approachable outside of class, nor is he friendly to most students. I would advise against taking him, and personally I would never take him again.
4820023Winter'03 Scientific Prog
His lectures are O.K. if you missed it, read book.
But, his exams are insane. He tested details of printf() outputs, a 3D array to be traced manually,.... No matter what you wrote if it's close to correct answer, no points are awarded.
Exams (70%).Five long easy projects only brings you 30%.(not enough to ...)
I think there is a FLAW in his grading system. He is an old man and he refuses to change his horrible grade policy.
a computer geek can pass
his class easily.
6520023i i learned nothing than OK
he is one of great hypnotist
6120023Ya know, I've heard of few people who've gotten out of ANY of his classes with higher then a C. Took him for AI, and thought AI was gonna be a class about AI, not a programming class for Prolog. Test questions were vague, and his answer to questions even more vague. Definitely wouldn't take a class with him again.
8520012It was hard for me to stay awake in his class. Dr. Kazemian is so incredibly monotonous and boring. Although I received an A for his class, I must admit that his tests were tricky.
7120012Besides his boringness, his tests were way, in fact, too hard ok?
8120011I had this professor for PLC. Lectures are very boring, and tests medium to hard. Programming projects were fairly easy when compared to other sections. He coveres the material well, good professor if you can keep awake.
8820011Kazemian's lectures are informative and he emphasizes material with pretty good examples. The projects tend to be straight-forward, but the exams can be tricky(but fair).
8820011Reads right from the book slides. Not very creative but an informative teacher. Had him for DataComm 1.

Tests are ok, just could have been better if he didnt go word for word from book ppt's.
5320011Kazemian is the only professor about whom I have never had something good to say.

I had his class for CS Theory and survived... barely. The class was constantly correcting his mistakes on in-class examples.

I was able to transfer out of his PLC class into Warren Carithers' class (thank the Lord) and I highly suggest you do the same if the opportunity presents itself.

Data Comm & Net I, however, took the cake. I was truely amazed at how incompetent Kazemian could be. The lectures were straight from the book-provided lecture notes with very little (if any) original thought put into them. Even my daily double-espresso was not enough to stay awake in this class.

When students ask questions, he is always happy to answer, though all through DCNI, I never once heard him answer the question that was asked. He misunderstood the question *every* time and left the class more confused than when we started.

In addition, his assigned "projects" were so trivial they could usually be done in 15 lines of Java or less utilizing existing classes. You'll learn almost nothing from them if you already know how to use input/output streams in Java.

- Monotone foriegn accent
- Dry, verbatim lectures from book
- Tests sometimes overly nitpicky
- Trivial coding projects

8520004He really likes his ste theory. Took him for PLC and CS Theory, they were practically the same course. A little dry, but easy to learn. More personable than Etlinger, but hey - who isn't?
4820002Knows his printfa and ifa statements, ok?
8120002A good teacher though not enough time is provided to complete exams
6820002I would avoid if possible. Lectures unbearable.
9120002I can't believe what people think of him. I think he's a good professor, who's very helpful even outside of class. There was this one time when he was at his home at like 10 pm answering all my questions through emails, because I had missed the class when he explained the project. I am talking about like a dozen emails that I sent him with various questions over an hour or so, and he replied to all of them. However, I have to admit that his lectures are pretty boring. I always interact with him and keeping asking questions in class in order to avoid falling asleep. But nevertheless, he's a cool guy.
7520002An ok prof, but reads from his notes and his tests are VERY long and detailed.
8520002Prof Kazemian is a good guy. As others have said, his lectures are boring, as he basically just covers the book in detail. He is very willing though to answer the strangest questions (trust me, there have been some oddballs from members of our class). He also replies to email pretty quickly. His programming projects are fairly easy....but study big time for the tests. Know all the details and little intricacies of the language or whatever topic you're covering. And bring some caffeine to class...
4820002Good god. period.
8520002Not the most exciting teacher in the world, but he does a good job of presenting the material. He is reasonably good with answering questions, though sometimes it will take you a couple tries to make him answer the actual question you are asking. I took CS Theory with him and managed a B in what most think is very difficult material. His tests tend to be lengthy, though - he says in class that you need to really know the material to get through the tests, and he's not kidding.
8820002Very good professor without a shred of human
compasion. Teaches CS theory very well but
god help you if you need help outside of class.
6120002Very nice man, and I feel bad writing this. But, Kazemian is hands down the most boring teacher I've ever had. He has a very unhumorous, monotone voice, and can put to sleep students better than a hypnotist. He tests for facts and memorization and has absolutely no desire to test for "real world" applications of the knowledge that he presents.
7520002His tests are a pain becuse they are way too detailed for programming tests. You can get a good grade but it won't be because of what you got on the tests.
7120002He was awful. He didn't teach or grade properly!