RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Grant Cos

9520023Awesome guy- tough grader, but fair
9520023I received an A in 0535-501. I will enthusiastically be taking another class taught by Prof. Cos next quarter. Grant is a very personable and down to earth professor. However, one must be cautious to be on his good side, as those on his bad side will suffer. In the instance of my class, the credibility of a public speaker is based on all the actions that he or she takes in the entire experience. Therefore, if you make behaviorial-type mistakes in the quarter, he doesn't forget. I'm really excited about taking another class with him and I see him a professor that loves to mentor, and it seems like students really warm up to him. Great job Grant!
5320011Earlier I had given Cos a C-, after this latest class I had with him he deserves a F. His performance as a teacher not to mention a humna being is miserable. When ever he is upset he brings it into class and takes it out on the students. I am not giving him a bad grade because I received a poor grade from him, actually he has never given me anything less than a B. But he treats his students like tamed animals he resents. It is ridiculous and I will be upset if he receives tenure.
7820003Not a bad prof. Just more concerned with portraying his political views than teaching. Don't pick a controversial topic, he woun't like it. (if its conservative)
9520003great sense of humor, very willing to help if you have problems...highly recomended!
6520003Needs to learn how to work with students. It seems to me that his emphazis is on showing me how many fancy words he can spit out of his mouth. There was a point where I was afraid to open my mouth in class because he always makes me feel that he knows more than me and that I have to say something at his PhD level to receive some positive feedback. The art of teaching not only consists of knowing the material and being able to display this knowledge in front of a classroom; it is also about nurturing student's knowledge by encouraging discussion and giving the student positive feedback, this is something he needs to learn how to do.
8520003Cos is a good guy. Once you have him for a class or two, youll see he can be a funny guy. Classes aren't too stimulating but he covers the material well. I'll agree about his political views though. He's a liberal and sometimes he'll nail you if your topic is of conservative nature.