RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for George Zion

9920023Had him for digital fundamentals, very informative.. Covers nearly everything, and makes sure everybody understands.. He doesnt have time for people who are not willing to learn - i.e. slackers.. but for people who are willing to learn and come to class wanting to learn.. He's great. Loved him, wished he taught more classes.
9920023Outstanding teacher in every way. Easy to talk to and fair.
9920012Zion just plain kicks ass! PERIOD
9920012A phenominal professor, he teaches very well. You will learn alot and still be somewhat entertained during the lecture. He keeps the atmosphere friendly and informative. After a class with him you will be wishing he taught more courses you were taking.
9520012Excellent advisor, great professor, easy to talk to, easy to joke with, knows his stuff. He is usually very late at returning homework and labs, though.
9920011Eastman's partner! Great professor and advisor. Highly recommended.
9920003Friendly and knowledgable. He's nice to the students and knows his stuff.
9520002He is a very good and funny professor. If you are anal about getting your homework and lab reports back in a timely fashion, however, do not take him, either that or grin and bear it!
9920002A great teacher. He is good at conveying the material to the class, and keeping the classroom atmosphere interesting so that you want to pay attention. He is a fair grader and there is no teacher that I know that is easier to talk to.