RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Gerald Saeva

8520023Saeva is a decent choice for a night course. I took Intro to DB, it was quite a boring class so I can't quite tell how to gauge his lectures as far as liveliness. He was pretty fair as far as grading and willing to work with you.
9920012This guy definitely does his best for the students. Good text (in DL database course). Very fair grader. I would agree that sometimes the homework was not error-free, but the prof's attitude and willingness to help compensates, IMO. Highly recommended prof.
9520012Took his DL Database class... He is very willing to help you if you dont understand, and provides you with pleanty of examples/info to do well. Also a very fair grader. If you have never taken a distance learning course, give it a shot. It was great for me.
8520003Did his best to be a good teacher. His DB labs wer fair. He gave good examples.

The previous comment is incorrect. Jerry Saeva work at Harris RF during the day.
8820003Cool guy. Works for Harris RF and teaches DB courses at night. Sometimes funny, sometimes boring.
9120002While the lectures were a bit dry and mistakes made during the examples were very confusing, this professor will do anything to help you understand the material. He stayed for hours after the scheduled class period to help with the labs even when there was football on that night.
7520002Horrible communication skills... but will do anything to help students learn.