RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Gary Lehmann

9520023Not too much HW, not too little. Do the work, participate in class, act interested, and get an A.
9920023great professor, had him for writing and lit I and II. Gives easy paper assignments, 1 page each, but makes sure you really learn your stuff. This was my favorite class.
9920023Great writing and lit teacher. Actually went on a half hour rant about how he thinks teaching students in technical disciplines to write poetry is foolish; that we should learn to compress our ideas into a space equivalent to what we would have in a technical journal. 1 page papers for all assigments, and excellent in class lecturing.
6120011Does he know what he is doing or just he just stand up there and complain about how stupid we are the whole time? I think the latter comes into play more often...