RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Houghton Wetherald

7520023Did not grade fairly- I felt he treated the deaf students and the hearing students differnetly based on grading. On the other hand- he does accomodate in class with the interpreter. So its a mix bag on that issue.
8520023Boring as hell, but he does grade pretty fair. He understands that if you are taking visual arts you aren't an artist and he doesn't expect you to be, he just expects you to be able to understand and explain what you see in art.
9520011I had him for Intro to Visual Arts. Good lecturer that keeps you entertained and interested. His tests aren't bad if you do all of the reading and pay attention in class.
7820011Awesome guy and has a passion for what he teaches, however he prepares poorly for tests.
8820011Is really into his courses, his changes and teaching method in Fine Arts made it much more bearable than I thought it would be. Made me interested in a course I really didnt feel like taking.
8820011Smart teacher who knows his material well and is very enthusiastic during his lectures. However, don't take his American Architecture class that meets once a week for 4 hours straight cause by the end of each class you'll most likely end up with a headache, cramps on your fingers from taking notes the whole time, and you won't be able to appreciate the stuff that he teaches cause it's just too damn long. Still a good teacher nonetheless.
7520003This BUILDING is SO EXCITING!!! LOOK at that wonderful FACADE and that fabulous PEDIMENTED PORTICO! That is LOVELY! The luxurious 5-BAY WINDOW SYSTEM was so fantastic I got a STIFFY!!
8520002American Architecture was a great course. It got me (a freshman at the time) out into Rochester. I learned more about Rochester, it’s architecture and how to drive around the city in my first 2 quarters than I did in any other. It’s mostly memorization, but if you like architecture, he is a good teacher.
9920002Absolutely excellent professor. He's very knowledgable and he cares a lot about his students.
6120002Did not grade fairly. Based your grade on whether or not he liked you. Boring lectures, I had troubles staying awake. Seemed to be losing his "edge" at times. Somewhat out of it.
8820002Don't get on his bad side. find answers to your own questions because he will take it personally if you missed something. ON the house tours, Crittinton Road, becareful, they don't like their house looked at. he doesn't let these people know that over a weekend 100 students will be gawking at thier house.
9519993A teacher who was awarded as a young teacher at RIT 30 years ago or so, still teaches with the same excitement and zest! He has done an excellent job in this Architecture course I took from him. Just pay attention to what he says and... write quickly :) I enjoyed his class and found it highly interesting!
9519993Granted, there is a huge amount of work involved in the class, Mr. Wetherald is extremely organized and puts 110% into each class. The classes are videotaped, so you can go to the tapes if you need to hear a lecture again. He gives you EVERY chance to succeed. But remember, you can t get through his class unless you study every day!