RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Howard Lester

9120023There's a reason he's the head of the department; he's full of knowledge and information, especially in acting class.
6120023doesn't really care about students- even though he says he does
9920012I am not a film student but I had Howard for acting... he taught me more about myself, and gave me more perspective than any professor, freind or family member I have ever known. He can be critical, but that is because he demands the best of his students and requires you to realize potential.
8120004Our Head of the Department. What to say, what to say....

He's generally a cool guy. He's been though the ropes and thus, knows his stuff. Sometimes he thinks too highly of himself.. which we havent seen proof of but hay.. he got to be "Head" for some reason. A good teacher for Acting and Directing, yet... theres something forbodeing about him.. I'll let ya know when i find out.
9520003Excellent teacher, will be your most harsh critic though. Guaranteed to help you improve the quality of your work in this department
7120002Howard is my advisor, and he doesn't help me too much.
9920001He is brilliant.. He is the guy who has tons of ideas
9520001An excellent person to have help with your film. Always keeps the big picture in mind.
9920001Professor's wealth of knowledge and experience suceeds in inspiring students