RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Hamad Ghazle

9920002Hamad is an excellent professor! You can tell that he loves his profession by the excitement he shows in every single class. He truely cares about his students and makes sure that everyone in the class understands what he is teaching before moving on to the next subject. Hamad goes beyond his required duties as a professor and advisor to make sure that his students receive the best educational experience possible. He is the BEST and my favorite professor I have ever had!
9920002Hamad is a highly energetic teacher and is very enthusiastic about ultrasound. It helps my learning experience so much to have a proffessor who keeps up on how we are doing on our whole educational scale. He is very interactive with every aspect of our educational experience.
9920002Hamad Ghazle is an excellent instructor who is always there to help students. He is a dedicated faculty member who is an asset to RIT.