RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Herbert Johnson

4820012Herb never tells you how he grades, but then burns you when you do what you think he wants you to do, and then says "that's not what I wanted." He is completely unfair in both his treatment of students and his grading. He thinks he is nice and a good teacher, but no Herb, you're not "RRIIIIIGHT." He has no lesson plan, never comes to class prepared, and the only preparation he had was taping some stuff off tv that had nothing at all to do with the class and were completely boring. He also has you do completely irrelevant assignments just for the heck of it. He is the worst teacher I have ever had in my entire life.
4820012RIIIIGGGGHT. Herbert is a complete and utter failure. He calls himself the fontmaster. BullSh!t.
5820012I LIKE IT!!!

oh wait, no. sorry. Herb, you're a good guy, but your Opera and Jane magazines did not impress me and will not accellerate my ability to obtain a career when I leave. I know YOU like it, but I DON'T!

4820011Professor Johnson was completely off topic for 99% of the classes. We spent the entire information formatting class learning about who created fonts, and when they were created. This was on the course syllabus for one week. We were also tested on his favorite fonts! He treated his students incredibly unfairly, had us doing assignments we didn't have access to equipment for, and learning things totally unrelavent to the syllabus.
4820011If you take a class with this man, you will learn nothing. Both Book Design and Magazine Design are pointless. He gives assignments in both classes without telling you what is good design. Personal preference is not tolerated, everything has to be the way he thinks it should be. (But he doesn't tell you what this is until AFTER you've completed the assignment.) We spend a great deal of time in Magazine Design watching random pieces of shows on tv that he tapes and reading articles that he copies out of the newspaper that seem to have nothing at all to do with the class. (For example, he made us watch a part of UC Undercover because Ving Rhames is his favorite actor. Then he stopped the video and made us guess what Ving's next line was. For what reason, I so not know.) I would be able to do all of the assignments without ever even going to class, but he takes attendance every day - forcing you to come to class and learn nothing. His classes are a total waste of time. An "easy A" class perhaps - but I guarantee you will go insane before ten weeks are up.