RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Harry Schey

9520023he's not an ass. he just has an old man's sense of humor. if you don't take his every word to heart you'll be fine... he's just joking around!
8120023This guy is HILARIOUS, going to class was a joy. He has quizes every friday which are a piece of cake if you don't skip classes, and his tests are not difficult as long as you do ALL the homework. He's a very witty guy and knows exactly how to convey the information to students. Only reason I didn't give him an A is becuase I got about a 95 on all the tests/quizes and the final absolutely raped me and the entire class. Somehow I got a B.
6120023Would love to know where the f my grade came from. That guys tests are harder than most of the profs, makes an easy A a tough C
9920023He knows what he is doing...Do you?

He's a funny guy...don't be afraid to respond with jokes.
8520023He is actually a pretty good professor, I found his class to be easy and he teaches very well. All his tests were open book, even the final.
4820023Directly from the books professor. I noticed many eye lids in the classroom looked like it had weights on them. This professor reads directly from the book as his presentation. Stay home and read the book and do your work and show up for his quizzes and tests you will be fine.
5320023I didn't know if I was at RIT or Boot camp?????
9520023Great sense of humor, but don't raise your hand if you don't know the answer unless you're good humored and witty so you can respond to his insults. Had him for calc 4, quizzes every week, once you learn his style, he is extremely straight forward and not difficult. I would probably take him again, but really wont have the chance.
5320023Pure evil, we're talking satan himself.
7520012i don't know if it was the material, or the teacher, but i had a great deal of difficulty in this class. every test was either an A or an F for me. but anyway...he DID make me want to come to class every day just because he asks if ppl have questions before every class, will answer them, and also because of his sense of humor (don't know why people are intimidated by it). this guy is downright hilarious at times.
8520012Overall, he is a good professor. My grade is due to lack of the homework that I did. His tests are hard, and he is a very harsh grader. But if you want to actually learn the material, take him
7120012if you can do well in this class then you will know calc 3 like the back of your hand. extremely hard tests, makes you go through prelim steps no other teacher does.
9920012Schey, although sarcastic, is by far the best math prof. at RIT. I learned more in his class than from Calc 1-3. Just dont sit too close, he might try to EAT YOU. If you want to learn anytrhing, take this prof.
9920012considering the range of material he had to cover in prob stat he did a good job, he answered questions hastly, but did enough examples for good notes. open note/ book tests were good too.
9120011He is an old fashion great professor.
5320011Suffers from bitter old man syndrom
7520004has an intersting sense of humor, takes some getting used to. he welcomes questions but he doesn't seem like it that much.
6520003Has a weird sense of humor but I would not take his class again if my life depended on it.
7820003Worthless professor. Should be commited. He should thank God every day for tenure, cause he wouldn't have a job without it.
6820003Great guy, always there to lend a helping hand. Wait, no. Has a very poor attitude and miserable. But he loves to talk about different FLAVERS of mathematical equations!
6520003Very condenceding, makes all his students feel as though they are the lowest life forms imaginable. The only thing that saved this man from an F is the fact if you can muster up the courage to talk to him personally (his in class personality makes it so you never want to see this man ever), he will actually explain stuff marginally well. He does give notes on the board at a reasonable rate. However, he seems to pick the hardest problems imaginable for his test questions. Does give partial credit, though it didn't help me a bit.
7820003Teachers can get a plus or minus, but students can't (ironic?) Dr Schey is a teacher. He can teach. You will learn from him, but he is not a friendly guy. He is strict, as is his right. But any student who answers his questions wrong will want to crawl under his/her desk for the rest of class to evade his rather rude comments. This keeps class involvement to a minimum, and it is my main complaint. Other than personality problems, watch for a difficult final and a focus on punctuality.
8520003I can definatly see why people bad mouth him, but I'm having a great time in his class. Don't be intimidated by his humor, crack a joke back and the class will be great. One problem, have you seen silence of the lambs? He's hannibal lector.
4820003This guy was the biggest a-hole I've ever had for a professor. Made the students feel stupid when a question was asked and flew through the material even when he was asked to slow down so we could comprehend. I wouldn't take him again if my life depended on it.
8520003Decent teacher, his humor takes a little getting used to. Weekly quizzes usually easy, but sometimes can just kill you, tests are pretty easy, but both times ive had him, his finals just sucked hardcore. Way way harder than the regular tests. I wouldnt say to totally stay away from him, but if you get him it wont be too bad.
8820002good and knows his stuff.
quiz once a week, every week, but it can only help your grade.
his humor at times is a bit dry, but hey he's got some decent jokes once in a while.
8520002Pretty good professor. His classes follow the textbook very closely. He explains things well and is systematic and logical in everything he does. He will never skip steps in working problems on the board, and always tries to ensure that everybody understands what he is doing. Quizzes once a week are reasonable and always cover things covered in class in the last week. Exams are fair too. The thing that lets him down is his extremely tough grading. He is approachable to ask questions. Great sarcasm in class too!
7120002Not a very nice man. Very strict and easily agitated by minor distractions. Once told the class about his attendance policy, "better never than late." He has his funny moments with sarcastic comments that are sometimes witty, though he looks at you funny when you laugh at his jokes. Grading isn't too unfair, but most professors would be a better pick than him. A friend of mine went up to shake his hand after the final, but Schey ignored him and darted out the door. So much for being a people person.
6820002this guy is a stanky dude...he gives you easy tests all along only to give you an impossible final...what a TOOL
8120001Decent prefessor, but only decent. His teaching consists of reading from the book. He is erratic in grading, will give no credit for some things, but will always give "wrong-but-consistent" credit.
8120001you HAVE to do the homework, even if it isnt handed in, the tests are hard so STUDY, otherwise, very sarcastic
9520001Yes, you must do the homework to pass, but he tells you this from the start. he may be a bit dull in the presentation, but he teaches well. difficult tests, fair grader, sarcasm is great.
8520001Get ready to part with your calculator. He doesnt allow them on any tests. Resonable tests tho.
7819993he doesnt assign homework but if u dont work outside of class u will fail. tests are hard and so is his grading