RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Hany Ghoneim

9520023Great Professor. Very reasonable when it came to homework and tests.
9920023great great great teacher. had him for advanced computational techniques. very clear with his teaching methods, he produces meaningful diagrams on the whiteboard with a variety of colors to help get his point across. teaches the entire class without notes at times...and he knows every bit. has a slight accent, but dont let that scare you, you can understand what he says very easily. very straightforward with his grading. tests were handed back the next class session or the second session at the latest. fastest grader i've ever had. awesome professor
9920023Had him for ACT
He's the best. Fair grader and I learned alot. Well worth the time.
9520002His mechanics class was great. He can teach you alot if you just try. Can be a little short with you when seeking help but overall very helpful and informative.
8820002Good teacher, sometimes a little tricky to understand because of the accent. He also flew through some of the material, covering a whole chapter in a day or two.