RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Hans-Peter Bischof

9920023I also sensed a little favoritism towards certain people. But he is GREAT GREAT GREAT !!!!
5320023Kind of wierd attitude and nature.Very bad accent for teaching.will irratate any one in the class, and you will have good sleep in the class.
9520023HP is a really good professor. I wish he thought other grad CS courses. He's helpful, but you need to be a good programmer. You won't do well if you start assignments late.
His test require knowing the code output. The toughest lecture and lab is threads. Overall, he knows his JAVA and you will learn a great deal.
9520012Great teacher. A little weird, and I sensed a little favoritism towards certain people.
9920011Fantastic teacher! Hans-Peter's web site is still one of the best Java references on the web. Easy grader.
9920011HPB Rules! He's a funny guy, and is really into the material! He is perhapse the most knowledgable prof that I've had in CS. Great guy! The accent isn't bad at all for me. I think his verb-noun usage is hillarious and it in itself makes the class awesome. One of the best prof's at RIT!
9520011Always seemed concerned about students doing well in his classes. He was a good teacher and advisor during the time that I was in the CS program. Definitely my favorite CS professor by far.
9120003Unlike other professors with thick accents, HPB makes up for this by being LOUD. He may mess up the occsional verb-noun order, but his voice is so booming and can fill the room that he makes up for it.

HPB is not afraid to repeat what he states in a different manner if the class doesn't understand the material. It would be helpful if HPB could better understand his student's questions
9120003Funny guy; a sense of humor that may take awhile to adjust to. Rewards and recognizes student effort. German accent is the big hurdle. Have you studied your German lately?
9520002Knows his stuff
4820002Falsely accusing someone of cheating doesn't rank a professor high on my list. And being sexist doesn't help either.
9920002Although he has a thick German accent, he makes an effort to be as clear as possible. His is a very experimental in his lectures, as the discussion usually centers around a program he wrote during the weekend. The thread lecture may be a little too heavy for some but interesting for the experienced student.
9520002very smart, fair, good instructor
9520002One of the best Profs. I've had. Did get mad when some students asked dumb questions, which was perfectly fine with me.
9120002A good teacher, likes to joke in class and talk about all the movies he saw over the weekend. He grades a little stictly so you have to study for his tests alot (but I've never understood CompSci tests anyways...when are we gonna have to write bugless programs on PAPER??)
6520002Scary Professor...He's got PI Tattooed on his left wrist! The guy is a german wierdo who should have stayed in Berlin. He knows JAVA real well, and introduced it to RIT, but watch out, he's scary!
9120001Without a question, he knows the material, however, it is difficult to understand him at times due to his accent. If you are willing to work around a strong German accent, I highly recommend him!
9920001As far as I know, there is no better CS professor. Very effective teaching style. You will learn a lot *and* have fun
9920001HPB rules.
9920001I was in his OS and CS course. He is the best professor that I've seen. He knows the material very well. He is really a great guy!
9519993HP is the man
make sure you check out the photo gallery on his site
9919993Hans Peter ist der Ubermann.