RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Tim Goodwill

9520023Divide by natural log
9920023Only math teacher I could ever listen to without falling asleep. Math isn't so horrible now. Tends to grade fairly.
8820023At first I was worried about this professor, he scared us in the beginning. Although he was still pretty tough, it was worth staying in the class and he's actually a good teacher. He won't help or go over something unless you ask..but he'll always answer questions and go over stuff twice if requested.
8820023Took A.P. Calc in school so most of the stuff was review. He was very good in explaining topics that my old teacher left blank. Very good teacher even if he teaches very quickly
9920023I had Goodwill my first quarter here for Precalculus and, to put it simply enough, he turned me from being worried about what college level math would do to me to wanting to dual major in it if time allows. The first thing he'll tell you is that he will not teach you math, because no one can do that. He'll say that mindless procedure is *not* math. This guy was originally a musician, and switched into math because he was determined to do well in it. He does teach a good deal beyond what the departmental precalc final wants, but my first Calc 1 test was almost entirely on graphing functions (polynomial, logarithmic, trigonometric, etc.) by looking at the equations. He's a funny southern guy, I can't recommend him enough. (And Marengo for Calculus.)
9520023Goodwill is a really good teacher, and more importantly a good guy. Although I am along the way to repeating the course, he is a good teacher if you pay attention and follow his suggestions (study a little bit at least every other day). Highly recommended, just be prepared to work.
7520023he told us on the first day of class that he was not going to teach us. we had to learn to read technical guides (ie the math book) and learn it for ourselves. thats not where i want my money to go.
9920023excellent teacher. gives tons of work but you'll know wtf you're doing at the end of the quarter. also a fair grader and has a great personality