RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Hossein Shahmohamad

9920023Lots of homework, but helps you learn. Very thorough and teaches well. Tests are pretty easy, same with the quizes. Do the homework and you're solid.
9920023Dr. Shahmohamad is a great professor. I would highly recommend him for math courses of any level. He does a good job explaining things from different perspectives to accomadate different types of learners.
9520023Had him for Calc and Analythical Geometry. Very nice and organized teacher. He's one of those types of teachers that actually WANT YOU TO LEARN. He does give a lot of homework though, but still it helps you in the long run. I advise any student to take him if you can.
9120023Excellent teacher, you will learn a lot from him, hard tester. homework and quizzes weekly which comprise about 40% of your grade, may or may not get an A, but will definitely take something away from whatever math class you take with him.
9120023A good professor. I had him for calc 4, tried my hardest did poorly but I've still got to say that he's an great teacher. Good at explaining concepts, good presentation, cares about students.
9520023Great teacher, fun to learn from. Favorite quote: "Do me in polar coordinates!" He is very fun and expects his students to want to learn the material, so you do have to try. After all, if you don't want to learn it, why are you in the class?
9520012Awsome prof. I had him for calc 2. He knows his stuff and teach's it very well. Quizes and Tests are very fair, not hard if you've been doing the HW. Actually cares about the students and is always in his office
9120012Very good, structured teaching.
9920012Awesome teacher.
9920012Dr S. is an amazing professor. He gives borderline a to of HW but doing the HW is without a doubt the best way to prepare for his tests and quizzes. He gives a very reasonable quiz every week and prepares you well for the tests. He is always in his office and is more then willing to answer any question you have. He wants his students to do well. Plus his accent combined with the way he makes jokes is hilarious. If you want to learn and are willing to do the work I would highly recommend Dr. S.
9920012excellent professor, gives a lot of homework, but you come out of the class knowing what you're doing. definately makes the 2hr class go quick. he's the man!
9920012i am cool, this guy is awesome, take him
9520012Professor Shahmohamad is a good teacher of calculus. If you want to learn, take him. The homework assignments are very difficult and I found them to be the only negative in the Calc II class I had. Not only are they hard, but they are long. The HW is also graded very strictly. Overall, if you want to learn the subject very well and take away a lot more than what you came with, take this guy.
9520012good teacher. learned a lot. gives LOTS of homework.
7120012fanatical about his work and expects you to feal the same
9520012Bar None one of the best teacher I had. The homework is the only drag but his style is great! He always jokes in my Math class.
9520012Shahmohamad does a very good job of teaching the material to the class. He explains things clearly, and is often funny while doing it. The workload is very reasonable. Atleast for my class, he gave a small quiz every tuesday and had usually two or three sections of homework due every Thursday. I would definitely recomment him.
6820012there are moments when he is amusing, but other wise he is the Math Nazi. Lots of homework and unforgiving. Tries to give 0s on tests to people with excused absences (i.e. death in the family). Tests aren't extremely hard, but are hard enough when you haven't learned much from lecture. Calc II ws my least favorite class at RIT.
9920012Great teacher. Very honest, willing to help, very fair grader. Also, be sure he knows your name - that is always helpful when you are really in a rut. This man definitley cares about his students!
9920012CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Shahmohamad is a math GOD! This man knows how to teach. He is not a "math nazi." His style and expertise combined with a singular form of grace and "mathmatical Prowess" keeps his students interested and knowledgeable. The homework load was more than acceptable and adequately prepares any student willing to try for tests. All hail Shahmohamad.
9520011I had Shahmohamad for the 6-hour Calc 1 course and felt that I understood everything I needed to after taking his class. He explains things much more clearly than any other math teacher I've had and offered plenty of examples. He never hesitated to take questions and always tried to make sure everyone understood the material before moving on. Definitely a good choice for calc.
9520011Very enthusiastic about class. Always encourages and answers questions, and is very fair with grades, quizzes, and tests.
9120011A good teacher, but not the best I've had.
9520011Yea, Dr. S is really good. I had him for Calc & Analytic Geom I. He explains everything so that there is no surprise on his test or quizzes. He doesn't teach like your a professor and expected to know everything.
9520011Professor Shahmohamad is a very capable and friendly teacher. He does an excellent job conveying the material, and makes sure you understand every aspect of it on every level.
9920011dr. shahmohamad kicks ass, he is "the evil homer." however, he is always there to help in his office hours and his tests aren't that bad, you know what to expect, no surprises.
8820011I like math but was never good at it. Dr S didn't help in either fueling my math passion or helping me understand it.