RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Irene Evans

9920023Dr. Evans is easily the best professor at RIT. I've taken two classes with her and have done research for her, she is amazing.
9920023Intelligent, caring, receptive, fun, interesting - you will learn in her classes by passive diffusion rather than active transport. Don't be fooled, the knowledge with which you will leave Tissue Culture and Cell Physiology will be tremendous.
9920012Awesome lady, despite the fact she could be a little more organized. Dr. Evans sponsors many research opportunities for students, makes the learning atmosphere one of creativity, does not subscribe to "cookbook" science. Her laid back way of teaching is refreshing after some of the other bio courses.
9920003Dr. Evans is great. I learned quite a bit in Tissue Culture, and I am looking forwaed to Cell Physiology.
9520003Had her for Developmental Bio Lab. She was really good.