RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Julie Adams

8120012I like her as a person.. but as a teacher I wouldn't take her again. In CS4 she kept stressing how we were supposed to learn everything on our own and by the time she was threw saying that it didn't seem like there was much more for her to teach us. She is a really great person though and helps when you need it if you go to office hours.
8520012Intelligent and knowledgeable but snobbish, pretentious, and arrogant.
8120012Seems to know her stuff ok. Sometimes can be quite unreasonable. Often not pleasant to deal with.
9520012I had professor adams for CS 2 and CS4. Both of which I got a 'D' in. As a lecture professor you could die in her class. But if you take the time to see her in her office hours she can explain anything you may not understand. I am a terrible coder and this is how I got my 'D'.
8520011I had this professor for CS Theory. Fairly good, at times it appeared as if she didn't know the material completely. But she covered the book well, and the exams were fair. The class is at least interesting; lectures are not as boring as other CS Prof's can be.
9520011very good teacher, always willing to help. she puts all her notes and examples on her website. also gives alot of bonus points.
7820011She definately knows her stuff, that's without question, but she seems a bit cocky and snobbish when it comes to answering questions from students. Fair grader, but I hated asking questions in her class.
9120011She puts all class notes and examples online and is a fair grader. Classes are a little boring sometimes, but overall a good professor.
7520011After getting a very good grade in her class I feel reluctant to say anything too bad about Dr.Adams. However I will say that if you know the material in the course, C++ for example, you will be fine in her class. If you don't - she's definitely not someone to explain it clearly and spell it out for you. In class she reads off of her slides and that's pretty much it. If you get something in the time that she's reading the slide - good, if you don't - the train is gone. The good thing is that her notes are quite clear once you take the time to explain them to yourself and her tests aren't too bad. Seems to have a case of megalomania, but overall not the worst you could get.
8520011good teacher, but can be a pain in the ass once in a while
8120011She doesn't know Jack about CS theory, but makes as good as an effort as one can make with the stupid book they make us use. The material is boring enough, she really doesn't need to put up those awful slides to make it worse. Her tests were fair, especially the final. I guess any teacher would be terrible for theory, but it would be nice to have a teacher who actually knew what she was talking about.