RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jack Beck

9920023Jack is one of the better professors the SOFA department has. Has a wealth of information to offer, and manages to keep classes interesting.
9920023excellent teacher. Really motivates thinking
7520012hes alright
4820012The man has no personality non whatsoever!! Also he has no support to hearing impaired or deaf students. Very self centered. He is soo boring that he puts me off to sleep quicker then my own grandmother and that is a shame. I think its time for him to retire.. Also I will do anything in my power to lot the world know that the man needs to quit his job and move onto something more related to cell room and no people. So I say he is the worse teacher I have ever dealt with at RIT... SO Students I warn you becareful with this boring man!!
8520011He really gives helpful advice on the critques, but really doesn't focusing on teaching as he depends more showing movies etc. So oftentimes we are left clueless.
6120002Jack has no personality. He really favors experimental work, and if you don't like that style, you won't do as well in his classes. Oh well, I didn't lose sleep over it.