RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jennifer Katz

9920023Dr. Katz is a great professor. I learned a lot from her class. Her lecture is very interesting. She helps students and care for her students. One of the best professors I knew in RIT
9920023I took Abnormal and Behavior Modification with Dr. Katz. She is interesting, kind, and fair. Her classes are really worth it.
9920023Dr. Katz is the best psychology professor you could ask for. I had her for Abnormal Psychology and came out with a 98 average. She assigns short homeworks and you can do more for extra credit. The tests are simple and straightforward, so I recommend her to anyone
9920023Dr. Katz is the best professor in the psychology department. If you are taking abnormal psychology, take it with her as it is her area of expertise. She is a very reasonable professor. Dr. Katz only tests on the material she covers in class. The study guides she provides several days prior to the test are very helpful.
9920023She is very interesting and has many stories to share. She is enthusiastic about Psych and loves her students. Assignments and tests aren't extremely hard but they do take a lot of work, as classes should if you want to learn anything from them.