RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jeff Lasky

4820012If other dumb IT professors like Kurtz or Jacobs are tools, than this guy is a BUILDER'S SQUARE.
4820003He was the worst instructor that I have ever had in all of my academic years. Taking a course with him is like participating in a guessing game. You never know exactly what he wants nor does he give you any idea what you did wrong on assignments that he graded.
5320003Poorly prepared courses, provides little information to student, phone conferences are unstructured and chaotic. Non-responsive to student questions. Late in providing grades and does not provide feedback.Poor excuse for a graduate school professor.
5320002He is biased and unprofessianal. Terrible job of answering questions and certainly presents VB worse than any other teacher.
4820001Don't you ever take a class with him.