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Ratings for Jim Leone

9920023Always prepared, knows his stuff, always tells you how it is (no BS kind of guy), tests are fair, grades everything realistically ... I would take more classes with him if I had the opportunity before graduation.
4820023Unreasonable about certain things, but I will not go into detail. First ever bad review I've given.
7520023In 516.
Nice Person! Tries hard to help students when asked. A fair grader.
Doesn't fully know the material. Lecture/Notes had too many mistakes that students had to point out.
5820012To his benefit, he's on time to class. That's about all you can say for him that's good. honestly, it's hard to imagine a more incompetent networking teacher. He didn't even know how to do most of the labs, and often he's look to the students for answers, not to provoke thinking on our part, but because he honestly had no idea what he was doing. You have to watch his grading, too, because he doesn't actually know how to do the assignments, so he tends to have a lot of things messed up on his own answer key.
8120012I think professor Leone is in need of some improvement. Inside, I think he knows most of what he teaches, but he is often wrong. If you plan on taking him make sure to watch everything that he writes, and talks about, like a hawk.
6520012He is a nice guy but just doesnt know the material he is teaching.
9120012This is probably one of the nicest teachers I've had in a long time. If he doesn't know an answer to a question he will find it out and tell the class the next class. He might not be the most practically skilled guy in the department but he is always willing to help.
9520012He knows his networking stuff. It's like he's got a huge hard drive that he can alway access with no bad sectors.
4820012One of the most incompetant teachers in the IT dept. Good for 342. Beyond that, I think most students know more than he does. Has no clue when it comes to 515 and 516. has a blank look on his face during labs. I don't understand how the IT Dept can not find better teachers. Nice as a human being though but not a good teacher.
7120012I have had this professor for 3 classes now. He is a great guy to deal with personally. He is understanding and flexible but he really doesn't know what he is talking about. You won't learn anything from him. You learn in the labs by doing it yourself, and don't waste your time asking him questions. He just doesn't know the answer, and doesn't bother trying to find an accurate source of information.
9520012Always prepared and on time. Concerned that students learn, always listens. All around great guy. Willing to help even if he doesn't know the answer he will go out of his way to find it.
9520011Had him for 402. Always prepared for class, never late. Did a pretty good job of conveying the material, but a few more relevant examples would have been helpful, particularly in a scripting class. Tests were fair, but the labs were impossible. I don't think he's that picky of a grader. Really helpful, nice guy outside of class, but you have to catch him in a free moment. But he'll give up his lunch hour to help you out if you really need it!
4820004For a full time faculty member he a pathetic grasp of the material he teaches. I had him for OS scripting lab and he constantly took off points for the most stupid trivial things. He grades like he has a giant dildo shoved up his a**. He won't give partial credit and refuses to comprimise. Apparently he's a pretty nice guy outside of the classroom, but inside he's an a**hole.
5320003Stay away from this guy. He has no idea about any IT related material. I had him for 402 lab and he was never able to answer questions that students in the lab had.
6820003Leone likes to share his notes with the class. He does NOT teach anything. He is not friendly at all. If you have a specific course related question, he will answer it. Otherwise he will not talk to you.
7820003You do not want to go in his office. He really get upset by that.
6120003When I had him several years ago in a class (which I dropped), this was his most often used quote to answer questions students asked:

"I don't know!!"

Need I say more.
6820003This guys a real idiot. Im not saying he's hard teacher, In fact I breezed through Internetworking just bc he hardly knows it himself. He's got a Chemistry degree, if that doesnt explain it, I dont know what does. The man will teach for 2 hrs and nobody in the class will know what hes talkin about. If you take him, learn to read..
7120002I had VB I and II with Leone, and after taking these classes, I don't have much confidence in my programming skills... at all. Nice guy, but needs to drive home those ideas a bit better.
9520002He's kinda kooky, really nice and is more than willing to help you out and explain things if you show up to class, give a damn and actually try. He doesn't give free rides but if that's what you want, go to the Computer Learning Center!
6520002He's a zilch.
9520002Come on people, Leone isn't *that* bad. Leone is one of the nicest people I have met here at RIT, and if you have half a brain, you can do fine in his classes. Yes, a lot of what Leone teaches must be learned by memorization, but that's not his fault. Leone is truely a good person, and he does have a great deal of knowledge about the subjects he teaches. (Most of them.) Granted, he doesn't have experiential knowledge about the subjects, but neither do most of the teachers here. Give him a break and get to know him.
7520002So far he is struggling to do well... He makes mistakes more than often and gets confused by questions posed to him. I don't think he is the best in teaching Intro to Routing (515) by ANY means!!!
6820002More often than not he had no clue wtf he was saying and could not answer student questions. Fair tests and grading as well as obviously trying his best gets him kudos though... Doesn't change the fact he's boring in class.
6520002At least he made me laugh when he fell off the podium.
5320002Leone is very good at giving technical answers (ie book answers) He however gets an F from me because he has no practical knowledge. If you asked him to actually demonstrate some of the things he teaches he would be lost. (In Internetworking he couldn't install a simple NIC driver without asking a student for help.)
7820002He wasnt too helpful in the lab. Couldn't answer most of our questions. Had to get other lab prof to help us out.
8520002I have him for netlab I. He gets stumped on most questions asked in class. It was funny when he tripped on the podium because he had a hard time answering a question. He is a great guy and a great professor.
9520002Very kind.
7120002Leone is such a nice guy so I hate to say this. I had him for Internetworking lecture, terrible..he rambles, doesn't have the knowledge to answer questions, teaches as if he's learning it for the first time. Unless you're already familiar with a subject he's teaching, you have to basically teach yourself.
6520001I had Professor Leone as a lab instructor for 342. His labs were very abstract, difficult to follow and often were missing important steps (ex. setting a gateway address, or HOW to change certain settings on the MACS). He wasn't much help when I asked him questions (Bill Stackpole, the graduate lab assistant, was MUCH more helpful). I wouldn't recommend taking a lab with Prof. Leone for people like me, that don't know a great deal about networking. Students that had previous experience in networking seemed to do OK. Nevertheless, I didn't learn much in his lab, which is a shame! (I did go to the open labs to catch up, but again the labs were so abstract that they just did not do anything for me. Maybe a few diagrams and further explanations would help!)
7820001He knows his information and he is strait forward, but he could be a little more supportive and nicer. If your really book smart, maybe he would be a better choice for you.
5820001Doesn't know jack (sometimes admits it - chem major), friendly, can't teach for a damn
4820001Lack of UNIX knowledge. Uses term "linux 6.2" rather than the correct "Redhat Linux 6.2." Unprepared for class, sometimes beats around the bush when in doubt of a students question. Giving him a F- is still too good.
9920001A Wonderful Human-being.
Very helpful. Charming and friendly. He has lots of good values that other professors lack.
4819993DON T EVER TAKE THIS GUY FOR ANY COURSE IN IT. I took him for VB I and VB II and I think i came out of the class a dumber person.