RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jeff Pelz

9920023I had Dr. Pelz for three quarters in a row. His tests are difficult, but he's a fair grader and made his classes interesting. Highly recommended.
9920011Definitely one of the better teachers on campus at RIT. If you take the notes and do the work, you're going to do fine. Definitely write "It depends" on a paper or test and you will definitely get some points.
9520011Very interesting class. Tests are very fair and he makes the topic matter relavent.
9520011Dr. Pelz really explains things well and makes class interesting. He makes difficult material easier to learn!
9920004This has to be one of the coolest professors!!! Just answer at least one of his questions on a test with "it depends" and he might give you credit. Take him if you can. Tests are pretty easy, just do the work. Papers are easy too.
9520003Fair grader, interesting classes. But it depends
9520002Nice guy, interesting, fair grader.
9520002He's a great teacher and a fair grader who is obviously passionate about what he does.