RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jeanette Mitchell

5320023She's one of those teachers who can be good if you're on her good side, I wasn't and trust me every minuscule mistakes on an exam is blown out of proportion.
9520023Her area of study will bore you to tears, but Jeanette tries to liven it up with interesting examples and dryly humorous remarks about herself. She is a VERY tough grader, so if you dont know the material near-perfectly, dont expect more than a C on her exams.

Overall shes a nice person... just be wary of the material she teaches.
9920012She was a fun teacher and she cancelled a ton of classes but we still learned a lot of material. I remember a lot of what we learned and compared to other econ teachers, she is the best.
9520012Great professor. Makes the class laugh with her goofy examples. Ackward grader, sometimes doesnt make logical sense with point deduction.
9920012This woman rules! She is funny, makes the class fun and explains it all very well. You don't even need to buy the book. Just watch out though, TESTS/QUIZES are str8 from the notes.
9920011 She is very willing to help her students with any problems they may have. She also knows her stuff - she loves economics. Although I was originally dreading this course, she made it a wonderful experience. She is obsessed with Everquest, and she likes computers in general. That's also extremely cool.
9120011This was actually I looked forward to going to. You go to the lectures, write some notes, and you will do fine on her quizzes and tests. She allows you to drop 2 quizzes. She also has one of the best senses of humor I've seen out of an RIT professor.
9120011A most inteligent professor with a delightful sense of humor. One of the very best economics professors at presenting the material and helping students during office hours. (Little need for a textbook with this teacher.) Easy quizes and very difficult, crammed-for-time essay-based tests. A typical "A" student can well expect a B in her class. But which do you want to do: learn or earn points?
9520011I took her for Principles I and got a B, but I learned a lot more in her class than I did in other econ classes where I got A's. She is a hard grader but a good teacher.
8820003Jeanette is a very interesting and dynamic person. She grades hard, but if you really work at it, it really isn't that bad... I would neither recommend nor tell someone not to take her.
9920001Had her in an almost-evening Prin. Econ 1 class. she was great fun--does a good job bringing you into the material. The way her system is now, you can take painful hits for careless mistakes on work (tests/quizzes). Take her if you can get her!
9920001Awesome professor. Really knows what she is talking about and makes the class fun and interesting. Interesting conversations and knows the students individually. Had a great time in her class!
9920001Educated and intelligent professor. Friendly and considerate person. Fair grader. Recommend.
4820001Yeah she is great...if you are a female student. She seemed to be a decent and knowledgeble instructor, but she is extremely arrogant and grades very tough. She did get us pizza for the final.
9120001Great teacher, interesting class...but a hard grader