RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for James Runyon

9920023Professor Runyon is the only realy good professor I have had at RIT.
9520023I had Prof. Runyon for Sol. to Eng. Prob. Nice man who knows how to teach. Honestly cares if students are learning. Is very accessible for office hours. Quizzes and tests are easy if you do the homework.
9920012Prof. Runyon is a must have for a teacher. He drops a couple of quiz's and homeworks too! To stay on top of the game just do your homework (then you are sure to get an A). Quizes and Tests are fairly easy (much like homework problems). He is very (times a million) leaniant on partial credit. Prof. Runyon is a must have professor.
9920011the best math teacher the department has to offer, explaint topics extremely well and provides many examples in class. also he is very available outside of class for extra help
9520011This man keeps you on your toes. If you're not good at math than you'd best take him. He makes sure you do your homework and attend classes. You also get to weight your own grades as well as drop 2 homeworks and 2 quizzes.
9920004I liked this guy alot, he helped out people who asked for help, I found it quite easy however and got an A. But those who had a problem had no problem seeing him, he does care and he is helpfull, However you always have those few people who want to blame their faliures on him and give him a hard time in class, i think those people need to appreciate that he cares at all beacuse he does not have to
7820003he is a good teacher,and if you do the work and pay attention an A is easy. don't take him if you like to ask questions though, because he treated people like idiots when they didn't understand him. he also gives out too much homework, which you have to do because he only collects one, and you never know until the day before it's due.
9520003Lets you pick your own grading system within certain limits. Very fair when marking tests. Show that you know how to proceed the problem and he will give enough credit even if you don't get the right answer. Goes a bit too fast on lessons sometimes. He provides tutoring.
9120003Prof. Runyon is a very kind teacher and he cares very much about how you are doing but he expects you to know background in the subject you are taking. He can be a bit fast but he is ALWAYS there for help. He also lets you set your own grading system so you can be graded on what you know you will do best in. I recommend him. Just as a note: do your homework in his calc for tech class! It helps!
9120003Prof. Runyon is a good man he is more than willing to help u with anything u need assistance with. He does have a very unique grading scale. However, i do feel that the constant quizzes are a bit much. If you dont keep up with your HW you will fail them. He is most always in a good mood but sometimes moves too quickly thru his lectures. He will on the other hand stop and answer any questions u have during class. I recommend him.
8519993Unique grading scale.