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Ratings for John Andersen

6120023Although he explains theory very well during his lectures, his lectures are totally boring! Obscene amount of homework, includes Webassign (1-13 Q's) and a HW journal used to boost your grade only if you are border line. WTF is that! His tests are outrageously hard where you have to hope u made HIS cuve cut-off for a good grade. Don't take him.
9520023Anderson is a very good teacher. He expects a lot from his student so if you want to a class you can cruz by in don't bother. If on the other hand you want to learn alot he is your man
8820023I liked him while the class was challengin, and I do mean challenging I enjoyed the material, only thing I disliked was how he and espetialy his TA stand over your sholder as you try to solve the problems he give you in class, just make sure you read ahead of class or be prepared to have your self estime degraded each time in class
6820012Here's an idea: let's fly through the material in lecture and then make a test consisting of the five hardest problems from the end of the chapter. That's Anderson. Good luck.
5320012by far the worst physics professor i've ever had, i used to like physics until i had this teacher, avoid him at all costs, the tests are impossible the webassign is really hard and his grading system is confusing
9920012one of the coolest and best teachers at RIT. He is more than willing to help, available most of the time.Try to become friends with him, he is really challenging and lot of web assign problems,but always helpful and encourages questions in class. cool,funny,smart,nice, as good as a physics teacher can get. take him
6520012talks way too fast...the stuff he writes on the board is extremely confusing if this is yor first time taking physics...tests are very hard, and there is little partial credit.
7520012His lectures can sometimes be interesting but usually aren't. The problem I had was that he never prepared us for the homework or tests properly. As an aside, he uses WebAssign and gives us problems we haven't even learned how to do yet on the homeworks. His tests aren't too bad if you study, but they can be hard to finish on time.
4820012He is one of the smartest individuals I know in the field of physics, and evidentally it's going to stay that way, since he obviously isn't able to pass on his knowledge through his teachings. He has made even the simplest things in physics so confusing that I feel like I'm in the dark ages and I want to shun such things as physics as the tool of the devil. Do not take him for anything. He has to be the worst teacher I have ever had. He should take his knowledge in physics to invent a time machine so he can travel back to twenty five years ago so he can be with his 70 hipster brethren.
9520012Knows his stuff, teaches at just the right pace. Very helpfull when doing classwork and labs, instead of just sitting at the front of the room, he goes around the class helping everyone out. Plus he has a really good grading curve, so if everyone does bad on a test, they can still come out with good grades anyway.
4820012TALKS TOO FAST SO I FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7520012He knows what he's talking about, but he can't teach it. He talks quickly, assigns very large segments of homework, and his partial credit system is very questionable.
9520012A very hard professor, but perhaps one of the best. To do well in his class, you need to do A LOT of work, but he does grade on a nice curve. He is a friendly, approachable man and is willing to help you out if you need it. If you want to learn a lot in physics, i recommend this teacher. He does go fast so you have to take good notes, but you will learn A LOT in his class if you do a lot of work and study.
6520011This professor seems like a nice enough guy. The problem is, however, that he teaches PHYSICS at the RIT PHYSICS DEPARTMENT. I don't know what it is, but most of the physics professors that I've had...are just plain bad.
9120011Best lab proctor you could ask for... actually explains the stuff instead of just sitting there, reading a book the whole time. Deffinitely reccomended, especially for Physics Majors.
9520011He is a good teacher if you are willing to learn. He knows his stuff
7120011I just had a problem understanding this guy he talks way too quickly
9920011Exteremely knowledgeable. Explains both methodology and theory very well. Tests are hard, and he'll slash points off if you don't write down everything you possibly can (label everything, derive everything, and check your answers). However, his grading curve more than compensates for the point slashing. Excellent Professor.
5320003Quizzes and exams rarely correlate to homework and/or lectures. Curve is great, yet everyone still does poorly.
5320003u wont learn a thing if u take him. he has a gigantic curve, but if you want to learn he isnt the one who will teach you. he rambles on and on in class, but never shows you how to use what he teaches.
7520003Hi this is someone who will remain anonymous and still follow all the RIT rules and regulations (as represented by this site) while exploiting the RIT Professor Evaluation System. First I’d like to say our “president” (that would be President Felipe Giraldo) in his comments under Professor Kovacs is doing the same thing as I am, using this site to make a point. His grade of “A+” is no reflection on how he would rate professor Kovacs. In any event, what I really want to talk about is Student Government – or should I say some higher up individuals in SG who often act short sited with only the concern of themselves. They recklessly use technology, doing nothing good and are very SLOW, yes, VERY SLOW to realize the errors in their ways. I don’t want to name names here (although I probably should considering this is a naming site) cause I’m nice but I will say they are high up in office. To summarize, some people high up in SG are slow, uncaring, unkind, not open to alternatives, don’t deal with outside people very well, incompetent and arrogant. Guess your basic run of the mills idiots who should never have been admitted to RIT in the first place. You SUCK, go away filth!! I would like to see a lot of you LEAVE office immediately! Oh, anyone who may be reading this and one of these pathetic excuses of a person – if you are offended by what I wrote, if it makes you angry or upset, join the club buddies. Cause without even knowing it, you made this club. LEAVE OFFICE cause you are losers and suck a lot of junk!!! (hats off to the student senate though, you people a cool, many of you actually care). Hey SG people, I think my point has been made. Have a nice day.
9520003One of the best teachers in physics, also liberal grader. Lots of homework, but that helps one learn.
9920002This guy knows his stuff. He is by far the best proffesor I have had yet. You can learn a lot from him if you try. So he talks fast. Its much better than the profs who get two sentences out of their mouth per class. He grades fairly even though you might get a low grade, and accounts for this when giving a final grade.
5320002ONe of the most horrible learnign expieriences of my life. He spends too much time in class showing off and not enough time trying to get kids to understand. Its like he makes things harder and not easier. I have to constantly read the book to unconfuse myself after his class. He needs to stop showing off and start teaching in class.
9520002Great professor. Knows his stuff. A lot of students dislike him because of his strict grading policies, and hard tests. You'd want to avoid him if you are not so smart. But, if you really want to learn, and give yourself a challenge, he will not disappoint.
4820002Ok, to keep it short... Avoid him!!!!
4820002If you're looking for a garaunteed headache, you've come to the right place. Horrible teacher with unfair questions - my most regretful selection yet.
7820002I think I failed his course. I consider it my fault. his lectures are very boring but he has some sense of humor. apparently he is available outside of help but i never seeked him. expect to do work outside of class to understand. he has web homework that makes you do nothing but want to get the answers from someone else. EXPECT TO WORK. IF YOU are good at physics and don't need help this is the guy to get.
9520002Anderson is a wonderful professor and interesting instructor, that is, if you want to learn something. If you don't feel like working and are trying to pass with an "easy A", then don't take Anderson. If you are just looking to get through physics and probably the rest of your college career without learning a thing, take someone else.
4820002He knows his stuff but can't distribute that information at all. For every class, he will start off making sense and then all of a sudden (after about 1 or 2 minutes ) he will go off on a tangent and you will be lost. He grades so rediculously bad that he needs a 40 point curve which will make you just feel stupid. ...and he's even worse if you have him for lab. Too bad he's such a bad teacher because he really knows his stuff.
7820001teaches the material well, but has a tendency to talk to people like they're idiots. very hard grader. got consistent 50's throughout physics 3 lab, but he has a massive curve. he is very picky about details, but he has reasons, and in the end you will have a better understanding for it.
6819993Although persistance is desirable, he kept pushing and getting upset and taking off credit for small things, failing me on every single lab I turned in and on the first lab practical, so that I was ready to sign up to take the lab over. Then he turns around and arbitrarily gives me B. What the heck is that supposed to be? (from Univ. Physics II Lab)
9519993Personally, one of the best professors I ve had. Explains theory very well, and moves along quickly. Encourages questions and answers them in great detail, as long as your patient. Hard tests, but covers the material, makes up with very leniant curve. Homework can boost your grade if you re on the bubble.
6119993I thought he was terrible. He went too fast, he expected too much knowledge, and he had a terrible understanding of the most important thing - students.
9519993Moves very fast, but if you take him, you should have heard about this before hand. If you really want to learn, then this is the guy to go to. And let it never be said that he is not totally willing to help anyone if they just make the effort to seek his help.
7819993Spends too much time on the derivation of class information to appropriately teach a real lesson. Otherwise is fair in grading and attempts to make the class interesting.