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Ratings for John Paliouras

9520023Grades hard, but if you believe you're right he'll listen. You've gotta prove it though, no "I'm great at B.S.ing." You'll learn a lot from him as well.
9520023Admitedly I had him for differnetial equations 1 - a relitivly easy class but he's a very nice man, a very fair grader and a very good teacher. He curved our class a lot, and gave extra credit on the tests. Ue also really cared about the students and weather we were learing. Helpful outside of class, good explanations, lets you re-take missed quizes. Has a bit of a monotone but overall a good professor
5320012Actually a very good teacher as far as learning material goes. Increadibly unfair grading wise. Takes points off for anything that doesn't follow his exact way of thinking, regardless if the final answer is correct. Doesn't even let you use calculators of any sort on tests. Expects you to derive every equation that you learn on tests. BOTTOM LINE:
6520012avoid him like the clap
8520012Good professor. Even though he makes many mistakes in explaining new material, he lets everybody know in advance exactly what to study for the exams. Personally, I found his tests not very difficult. Final was long, but not too bad. Projects on the other hand, were a pain. You had to do a lot, not knowing the material..
9520012Prof Paliouras is an excellent instructor. He also makes his expectations very clear. Exams are not difficult, but prof. expectation are high, therfore he does not give much partial credit. Still, if you do the assigned homework and attend his classes, there should not be much problems. Don't expect an easy A, but if you put enough effor (study, do homework), there should not be much problems with this professor. Again, an excellent instructor, encourages and answers questions every class.
5320012Knows his stuff, but he'll make you belive that you don't with the F he puts at the top of your test
4820011I can't even think of where to start with this guy. I had him for complex variables, which is a very difficult class to start and was made 10 times worse with him. He definitely doesn't grade fair (I had a problem right except I didn't convert it to polar and got all 10 points off) and he asks you to prove equations that have just been accepted as common knowledge (sin²x+cos²x=1) I'm an engineer and can reference everything in the real world. We should of had a sheet with equations or at least our calculator (which you cannot use on exams). Bottom line, stay away, I'm sure that about half the class is withdrawing.
5820011This class was my first lack of success at RIT. I've never gotten a grade below a B and have never failed a test until his class, when I failed them all. All I can say is he is a bitter old man and unless you get answers EXACTLY right, you don't have a chance. Consider partial credit an act of
God because this man shows no mercy.
5820011i had him for complex variables. i have been at rit for three years and he is by far the worst experience i have ever encountered. i have never gotten a grade below c and i could not even crack a D on a single one of his tests. he does not curve and does not care. class average was 55 when i dropped out after 6 weeks. if you want to pass a test you better plan on doing a lot more work than just the assigned problems and reading. you can ask questions in class and you can learn a considersble amount of math with him, but just dont expect a fair grade.
9120011I had Dr. P for Diff Eq 1. He explained the material well, and gave a lot of examples. His tests were easy. He even gave one test that was exactly a review sheet he gave us the day before. You have to go to class eveyday because he will annouce test questions when you least expect it. Also, he is very proofy. The proofs in Diff EQ were easy, though. I don't know how he is for complex, but he was a great teacher for Diff Eq.
6520011I had him for Diff. eq. and will try to avoid him in the future. he does the easy examples in class and then expects you to do any variey of problem after that. No calculators or formula sheets for the tests which makes you focus on memorizing material more than learning it. he makes tons of mistakes on the board, and when asked to do an example will almost never finish the problem, how frustrating.
5820011There is a reason that my friends and I dubbed this professor "The Devil". His exams are extremely difficult and his teaching style is less than ideal. He seems to be bored teaching more elementary math courses (i.e. Calc I,II,III), avoid him if you can.
8820011A very good teacher, encourages questions. Gives tough tests, but the material is presented well in class. Easy to understand.
4820011It's been a very long time since I've failed a math test. Paliouras cannot teach. He has a weak voice. When doing example problems on the board, he makes a lot of mistakes.. the few people who knows what he's doing ends up correcting him. The problems that he does in class are a lot easier than the problems in the homeworks and tests. He encourages questions which is a good thing, but rarely finishes the problem that the student is stuck on unless he is asked to do so. His tests contains regular problems and definitions. No partial credit is awarded for definitions. If you end up in his class, prepared to be stressed, annoyed, and confused.
9120011A nice teacher. Has different set of expectation than most of other classes. Don't know about complex variables, but for Differential Equations I, he did a decent job of teaching. I believe that the reason why most of people has trouble keeping up because he doesn't collect homework. He assigned homework problems, but that's for people to do them on their own time. I'm betting that many people didn't do on their own time because no one in classroom save one or two asked question, which is an obvious sign that not many people are doing homework. So, he's getting heck because people doesn't do work.
4820003Absolutely horrible. Definately the worse teacher I have had at RIT. DO NOT TAKE HIM!!!!
4820003Apparently I forgot to review this person last year. His class, which is labeled as calculus, should be called "Theorhetical Math". His entire class was based on theory, and it did not help the students in understanding the material. Partial credit procedures are way too harsh, and to people who know other ways of doing things, you can't do it how you know. It's his way, or it's all wrong.
4820002this was the worst experience of my life. I did well all through high school, and am getting an A in calc now. DO NOT TAKE PALIOURAS. grades unfairly and all tests are ridiculesly hard
5320002This man ruined my life as a math student! i used to love math but now i'm so confused i barely know what 1 + 1 is!! DONT TAKE HIM!
4820002To put it plainly, I took AP Calculus in High School and got a 5 on the exam. But in his class, I became confused with how he was trying to teach the concepts. Half the other students came to me because he couldn't answer questions they had. His "partial credit" hurts more than it helps and his grading is inconsistent. Grades your tests and quizzes much harder if you've taken calculus before and know what you're doing (he actually told me this). Deffinitely not recomended for anyone taking calculus for the first time.
8520002I had him awhile ago for a rather easy course. Don't remember anything real bad about him.
5320002The best two week of the class was when he wasn't there.
4820002Had him for Calc 1(19991)...Probably the worst experience of my life. Went from doing well in Math in high school, understanding calculus and all. Once I got in his class I couldnt understand a damn thing, he is confused alot. A nice person outside of class but when in class probably the worst I have ever had. Had to withdraw from the class, and struggled through the rest of calculus.
4820001I've never had a teacher who is so absent minded. He believes partial credit should hurt you, gives horrible quizzes w/ no time to finish the problems. He also takes the knowledge from class and hw problems, then magnifies the diffculty by ten for his test questions. For the most part he is the worst teacher I've ever encountered, he needs to learn how to explain, and answer all students questions accurately and accordingly.
5320001I came into RIT liking math...until his class. I now hate it. It was the worst class I have ever taken. DO NOT GET HIM.
6520001I loved math, I got all A's in high school then came Paliouras...his idea of partial credit is taking off more credit for correct than for problem done completely wrong. In fact, on the first two tests i had a 100% reduced to 50's and below for "partial credit". In other words...he's dead from the neck up. His employment needs to be reevaluated.
7520001I had him for calc I. He was decent but rambles on in greek sometimes.
5820001I gave him the plus based on the fact that he opens his office and tries to help students. Other than that he is completely incomptetent, he often looses his place while doing examples in class, confusing everyone including himself. He gives two two question quizes a week, where partial credit is allegedly given. I highly recomend not taking his class.
5320001He is a confused old man, that does nothing but confuse himself and the rest of the class. On the rare ocassion he can do a problem on the board with out making a mistake, he does a fine job. Which leads me to believe that he is loosing his mind an should consider retirement, Bonertit.
4820001Im sorry, This is the worst Teacher I have ever had. No examples, No explainng and He believes partial credit should hurt you. Bottom Line DONT TAKE HIM
9519993He is a very good professor, teaches well, gives out enough homework, but not too much and is fair in grading the tests and quizzes.
5319993Hard hard hard teacher... ridiculously hard tests and grading of said tests. Quizes and tests were not anything like homework, homework was to easy compared to tests and quizzes did not adiquately prepare students...
9119993I liked him. Very theoretical. You need to be able to speak "mathese" to do well.