RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for John Wellin

7520023has a very hard nosed style of teaching. very unforgiving at times. grades tests in some fashion or another...he's not always clear about how or why points are there or not there. doesn't really care if you go to class or not. take him if you feel you can do the class on your own, but be sure that you can or you will crash hard.
4820023This guy is so FRUSTRATING to deal with, gives little help outside classes, and to a deaf student, do everything you can to avoid this madman. He has that motor mouth and rarely backs himself up and has that "I can't help you" attitude. Warning::: A big grade KILLER for deaf students, I've had enuff of him, period. The ME dept. has to fire this guy.
5320023Had him for Numerical Methods along with everybody else. One word to describe him and the class is FRUSTRATING. He gives very little help out of class and grades like a mad man. He'll take points off for just being alive. Avoid him if you can
6120012I had a poor experience in his class. His were open book but the often involved methods not covered in class. His HW was concerning concepts he didn’t cover in class. And if you ever had a question for him (which is expected in a class like this) you can forget about getting an answer because he is never in his office and if you do happen to randomly stumble upon him his only response is "The help menu is very useful."
8120012I had wellin for numerical methods. Basically, the class started out really slow and spent 2 weeks covering how numbers are stored in the computer, which resulted in us not being able to finish the course work. I thought that he did explaing thin fairly well in class and went over the development of the various theories sometimes to the point of over kill. I probably won't take another class from him. Expect to take a lot of notes in class, about 4 pages every day...
9120012Can be montonous at times, but he knows his stuff and can convey it very well to the class.
4820012He sucks!!!!!
8820012Wellin is a pretty decent professor. I had him for Problem Solving With Computers and he taught the material pretty good. The only negative side to him is the way he grades. He takes off points for a little mistake and that can hurt your grade.
7520012BORING! He tends to go off on long meaningless tangents that waste time and tell you nothing that you need to know. I think in a class of about 20 he may manage to keep the attention of 2 people. What he starts teaching the last week is the stuff he should be teaching the second or third week.
7520012Wellin moves very fast. He gives very little help outside of class. I had him for Problem Solving with Computers and I think I will recieve an A in the class but he didnt help alot. The class starts out very simple, but around half way throgh it gets difficult. Overall, he is a decent teacher, but this isn't the right class for him. Professor Parthum is the one who writes all of the homeworks and tests. Wellin is cold and not very willing to help. Hes not awful, but i wish i had taken parthum.
6120011I had him for HT2 lab and he was useless. He acts like he has a chip on his shoulder all the time. If you know the material you can be sure that he will confuse you.
8820003Another newer teacher who is still learning to teach. He's a brilliant man, but sometimes has trouble remember what it's like to be a college student. All his exams are open book, he grades fairly.
4820003Stone Cold look alike. Doesn't care about the student.. Bitter about the whole world. Very smart man but doesn't have a clue about conveying information. Also rips through notes faster than crap through a goose. p.s. watch out out when the eraser is in one hand and the marker is in the other.
9120003I had him for Materials Processing.. The tests are all open book so it's questionable whether I really learned anything. But overall, he knows his stuff, but it monotonous in class so it's kinda hard to pay attention. His final was great..... it was open notes (i had kept my tests w/ the corrections in my notebook) and the final had some of the same questions as on the tests. If you want to do minimal work and get a good grade.. he's the man to get. I don't recommend him highly tho.
8820002One of the best in the classroom, avg. outside
8520002Moves very fast in class. I had him for Materials Processing. He made all the tests open book so i dont know how much i really learned. Tests are hard, but he grades fair. Is available outside of class.
8520002I had him for Freshman Seminar and Problem Solving with Computers..two classes that dont require that much teaching skill..so I dont know if he can teach. He explains things very fast, but other than that he's ok. =) BBoyE
9520002Knows his stuff, and communicates it well. Sometimes gives too many examples, and often lectures very quickly-must pay attention in his class!
9119993He is a hard grader, but teaches somewhat well. Overall he is not bad. note: I took a me course for non-me majors.