RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for James Heliotis

6520023Arrogant and foolish. What parts of the class I wasnt put to sleep I spent correcting his examples. I reccomend finding another professor if possible
8520023This guy isn't as bad as I has originally thought. However, usually all he does is give out handouts full of code and then shows demonstrations on his labtop. While I have seen worse, it would have been better if he wrote down some code on the board from scratch. Believe it or not it makes a big difference. Overall not too bad, though.
9920023Great professor. Fun to have in class. Great teaching system. I learned so much from him.
8520023extraordinarily tough grader,listens to others views and make his decision.So cannot be trustworthy of what he says.Not learned much in his classes.so if you have no other class, take his.
9120012Nice guy, good teacher, but didn't seem to learn much in the class, but I'm sure that was just me.
5820012he is not a good professot. classes are very boring and oh my god his tests are hard. i dont like him at all.
8820012Great teacher that makes class both interesting and entertaining. However, he is somewhat of a hard grader.
8520012Was a little harsh in SE but he is reasonable if you like to argue with him
8820012He was very friendly and usually clear on the topics discussed. Certainly one of the better CS teachers.
9920011GREAT Professor. He's very available to answer questions in person or through e-mail, and he's very patient. He's also a good lab instructor.
8820011Cool guy, answers questions nicely, but an extraordinarily tough grader. I had mixed feelings about James as a teacher. I would take him again, only if there wasn't anyone better.
9920011One of the most intelligent and professional CS teachers here. His name is on EVERYTHING!
9120011Good professor, humorous and knows the material well. At the beginning classes were boring, but as the quarter progressed, it was pretty good.
9920011Best CS Professor
9920003I had Prof Heliotis for SE lab. Very good at explaining things, and is a fair grader
9120002He's cool.
9520002Very nice guy and a very good professor. He is extremely intelligent and very helpful towards students.
9520002really nice guy, fair
8520002He really knows how to explain things and seems very interested in the students.
8820002Can be a tough grader, but his lectures are entertaining, informative, and he's helpful outside of class.
7520001Classes are boring. Tests are tricky.
9519993Yup, "The Big Show" is the man. He s helpful and a really great guy. He even cool to talk to outside of class.
9919993the BIG SHOW is the man
7819993He was alright I guess, but frankly he was never very helpful to me and pretty indifferent