RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Julian Yudelson

7520012Got an A in the course but only because I started brown-nosing (answering his rhetorical questions) in class. If you are straight edge, white, and don't screw up on the tests you will do well. Don't get smart with him. His grading method is designed to leave him room to f**k with your grade if he doesn't like you. I was scared sh*tless about getting on his bad side.
6120012Dr. "why", why is he still teaching here?
4820011Dr. "Why", as he likes to be called, was not the greatest professor. Ok, he was horrible. The class dragged on forever. He would ramble just to meet the 4 hour requirement. The handouts were pointless and the random assigned readings never related. His grading policy is unfair, to say the least. If you're not a brown-noser, good luck at getting an A.
4820011Professor Yudelson is quite honestly the worst professor I have ever had the misfortune to meet. This man is so stuck in the 70's it's not even funny. His teaching methods are outdated and antiquated. In fact, hes been teaching the subject matter for so long, he has grown to accept only the answers he knows. If a student makes an effort to answer a question, Yudelson will in turn insult the student if the answer is not EXACTLY what he expects. There is no acknowledgement that that the student made an effort, or that the answer was close to correct.

The thought of going to this class quite literally made me sick to my stomach. In life, people will have to deal with complete a**holes on a regular basis. Running away isn't always the answer, however I am telling you this very sincerely. Avoid this professor like the plague. If it means taking 12 credits as opposed to 16, do it. I have never, and hopefully will never have to deal with a person like this again.
6520003Knows marketing, but doesn't have any aspect of being social. Also his grading policy is strange since I had more points on a test, yet one of my groupmates did better then me when he had less points then I. Also, he seems to pick his favorites and give them A's. Unfortunate
5320003This professor markets his classes well, but seems unreasonable in the amount of work assigned. Also, the quality of course structure is questionable. I will never take another course taught by this professor. Lots and lots of handouts that make no sense.
8120003While his weekly notes are helpful the response from your papers are cryptic at best. Instead of writing comments about the paper on the computer, he writes his comments by hand, scans them into the computer, and sends them!! It is impossiable to read his comments!!
5320003His lectures have little to do with any of the homework or the reading in the textbook. He gives out several handouts each day that don't make much sense. In marketing there was lots of group work on projects that nobody understood. By the end of the 2nd week, everyone was shooting themselves for taking his course. Save yourself the hassle and wait for a quarter when a better professor is teaching marketing.
8520002Though his system for grading is a little goofy and confusing, I would recommend this professor because of his knack for involving "real world" problems in his lectures. However, I HIGHLY recommend NOT taking a four-hour session with him. Two is plenty.
4820002thinks marketing is more than common sense, tests are ridiculous in content and handouts make no sense
8519993Eccentric. Has about 3 inches of handouts that make little or no sense. Tests are easy.