RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jose Fernando Naveda

6820023I had Naveda for SE1 lab, and he was extremely unhelpful and a really unreasonable grader. My group went painfully out of our way to try and meet his very high standards every week, but to no avail. I managed to get an A for the class, but no thanks to him. How someone so difficult to deal with and so unreasonable ever became the chair of that department is beyond me. He knows his stuff and can be a good learning tool, but I'd avoid him as a professor.
9520023not really a pleasant person to talk to.
6520023is there a real for a software engineering department at rit?
if so someone should monitor the content of the classes and make sure students can learn something from a class
6520012Terrible professor, very mean and is not approachable! His tests are also very hard.
9120011Sometimes hard to understand in the classroom. Tests hard, but a good teacher.
8520002Had saturday classes when he couldn't make scheduled times. Fair otherwise
6120002Avoid at all costs. The guy is not at all interested in the course or student. Exams really suck. Again, avoid at all costs.
8120002Decent. I have a mixed impression of him. Although one thing is very clear in my mind #I'd take Lutz over Naveda any day.
9520002I will not disagree with any of the comments that this teacher is tough. He does not teach CS1, he teaches classes where you have to know your stuff and work hard. It is apparent from the comments the people who can't hack it and should step down to CS or IT. A lot can be learned from this professor.
8820002Naveda is a great teacher and knows his material well. He can come across as a tough guy, but when you get to know him, (and when you earn respect from him) he loosens up a bit. His dry sense of humor is fun.
8520002VERY difficult tester. He will say that you do not need to go to class but his questions are on things only mentioned in class. Very difficult but if you can make it, you know your stuff.
7519993Naveda isn t the worst teacher in the CS department but he s not one of the best. His tests are relatively hard and his attitude makes him a hard professor to approach. Underneath he s just a big FUZZY BEAR though