RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jonathan Kruger

9920023Phenomenal teacher, really makes the class interesting. I learned a lot in the 3 classes I have taken with him.
9920023Prof Kruger knows and enjoys music. He understood that this was an introductory class and that we were not music majors. His tests were not too hard if you studied.
9120023I would say he is a great teacher, I had him for 20th Cent. American Music for the summer. He does go over all the necessities for a test and makes class interesting with videos, sarcastic jokes, and cursing. He is down to earth. Though it's easy to do well in the class, he's not the type of person to curve. I have a B (has a 89.9 cut off) and am trying convince him to allow me to get an A. Otherwise GREAT, take him if you want to have fun and learn.
9520012If you decide to take the fine arts music course, take it with Dr. Kruger. He makes the class kind of interesting, at least as much as it can be. His course is pretty easy, he didnt' expect much more than a fair effort out of his students. The tests were easy if you study, he told you what was going to be on it and usually in detail. Overall a great professor for a pretty boring class
9520012Awesome teacher, assignments and tests aren't difficult, and he knows jazz music inside and out
9920011Dr. Kruger is an excellent people person. Always helpful and often around. He gives good assistance when needed. I'll be honest here. If you can't get an A or B in his class, you might as well transfer out of RIT. He reviews everything for the tests and there are no trick questions. All that you as a student have to do is show up for class. I don't understand how anyone would have a problem with this guy. He does all that he can to help you understand the material and ace the course.
9120003Classes were mostly interesting, and we usually got to leave early. Quizzes are difficult sometimes, but they are multiple choice. He teaches new material to be on the quiz the day of the quiz, which doesn't seem fair.
9120003I took Musical Arts with him. This guy was pretty nice in general; I, personally, did not have a problem with him. But then again, it's not like I ever talked to the guy besides updating myself on test dates. As long as you memorize that sheet he gives you with the vocabulary (if he still does this), you're pretty much set. The listening activities can be a nuisance but that's the only thing that might get you. Initially, I thought the concert journals were going to be really bad but it turned out to be somewhat of an enjoyable experience (the concert was but the actual writing part wasn't). I recommend him for anyone who needs a Musical Arts class.
7820002Professor Kruger is a wonderful people person, but as an introductory course for music, he treats his students like we are music majors. I use to enjoy listening to classic music, but now you can forget it.