RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Joel Kastner

9920023Had him for imaging science. Very easy going, goes well beyond the scope of the course, and is very friendly.
9920023Fair grader. Knows his stuff. Had him for imaging science fundamentals. Little harsh on labs but has extra credit assignments. Very good professor. Take him!!!
9520012Good guy. Has a lot of interesting stuff to go along with his lectures, and is always willing to help you outside of class. I think he really enjoys what he does, and it reflects on his teaching.
9520012Great teacher to have, easy to learn from. Very fair grader. Quizzes and tests cover material appropriately. Makes learning fun.
9120011Very nice professor. Had him for Fundamentals of Img. Sci. Quizzes are easy but midterm and final are ok. Works from slides. Take home lab every week but 1. The only thing is that if you hand in a lab late, he deducts one whole grade. Other than that, he's nice; encourages questions. Not hard to get an A.
9920011One of the best professors that I have had at RIT. Has a teaching style that works well. Power point slides are used effectivly. Very friendly and easy to deal with.
8820011Lectures border a little on the boring side, but obviously enthusiastic about the material. Fair grader. Very good about asking questions.
9920011Holy Crap. Learned alot of material in his course, and he always kept it interesting, even reading from slides. Tests and quizzes aren't bad, and take home labs are a great idea.....
9920003A terrific professor
9520003He is a Great Professor. Is very open to students comments, and encourages them. Stays on schedule and even goes into more interesting topics also. Take Joel for Either intro to Imaging science or Fundamentals of astronomical imaging
9920003He is the best professor I have had till date. Perfectly balanced course load. He went out of his way to help the students. A really understanding guy and an easy grader
9920002This guy is great! Really sparked my interest as well as the rest of the class. Never missed a class, never wanted to, he constantly went beyond the scope of the class in order to answer random questions students have about anything pertaining to his field. I wish he taught some business courses, because I would love to have a professor like him for a variety of classes. Learned more stuff in his class than in 4 years at RIT and 15 years of watching the Discovery Channel.