RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for James Campbell

9920012Very instructive in analytical thought, excellent sense of humor... made logic survivable at 8AM... excellent work in Critical Thinking, a class in which I gained a great deal of knowledge about properly structuring and evaluating arguments.
9920002Jamie is probably the single best professor that I've had at RIT. His lectures are interesting, and he knows the topic matter. His tests are hard, but if you pay attention, you should have no problems.

I've had him for Critical Thinking, Great Thinkers: Buddha, and Philosophy of Religion #All great classes.

He retired in 2000, but may be teaching occasionally.

If you have the opportunity to take a class with him - I highly recommend it.
9920002Jamie Campbell is the best professor I have had at RIT. I had him for Critical Thinking and would recommend him without question for that or any other class he teaches, as I am sure he could make even the driest subject interesting.
9920002Extremely entertaining, effectively teaches his subject. May be the most liked professor on campus.
9920002He's the best instructor I've had in my 5 year at RIT. WOW. People were struggling to get in his class. Amazing teacher... you will learn A LOT. On the other hand... he is "tough." He doesn't give easy 'A's. But I'd take him again without hesitation. I got a B.. but who cares! Take his Class!!!
9920002He is a great teacher of Philosophy. I would highly recomend him.
7520001Boring 2 hour class, tough exams