RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for James Halavin

9520023Do the homework and get help if you need it. You can get an A if you work at it. Nice guy.
9120023I took him for probs & stats I. I managed with A. I missed few classes in the 3 phase of quarter. Still his homeworks teach you everything.
9120012I took him for prob and stats 1 and the class itself was simple. His tests are in a very easy format, do 4 of 6 questions and they are very straightforward questions. Does a good job keeping the classes attention and he knows what he's talking about. I definitely recommend this guy
9520012Excellent teacher. Homework is lengthy, but provides great practice for exams which are exactly like homework just with different numbers. He is funny as well.
8520012Halavin is very excited about statistics and teaches with such enthusiasm. Tests can be difficult so it is best to do a few problems the previous night to refresh yourself. He expects very specific answers to problems. His method of grading is not helpful as he "X's" the problems that are wrong without providing any explanation. I have no problem with this if he provided us with an answer sheet after homeworks and tests.
6820004Strict grader, very strict grader. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field however, and is very friendly outside of the classroom. He is a little to entusiastic about statistics and unless your a math buff you should not take any of his classes.
6120003This guy was a real a-hole. Got mad when people asked questions and had no patience in explaining the material when it wasn't understood. Wasn't a very fair grader either.
7120002Ahh! I tried to take Data Analysis and it was awful! He just writes random notes on the board every day. If you understand Stats very well he mgiht be okay, but other wise, steer clear.
4820002If you take this guy I suggest you dont go to class because it will make you worse off. HW is too hard as are tests.
9920002I never knew someone could love stats so much. excellent teacher and very helpful
6520002He was insensitive to the students needs and wasn't a great professor. After having wisdom teeth out he wouldn't even extend a due date and waited until it was too late to tell me. Very unprofessional.
9120002I had this guy last year and he was hilarious. He always cracked me up when he said "Another one of my warnings, but somebody's gonna screw it up on the final or the next exam!!"
6820001Decent teacher, if you already have an above average grasp on statistics, otherwise he does nothing but confuse you. He also takes great pride in ridiculing and belittling his students. He's way to enthusiastic about stats, I often wonder how long it will take him to burst a vein in his forehead. One last thing to anyone who has or plans to take his class..."Are you with that?"
8520001Ok teacher. Expects a little too much of you on homework, but tests aren't that hard. Tends to make you feel stupid.
6119993Skip this one. The guys is boring, makes you feel dumb, and is obsessed with coors. Tests are too hard and usually only cover one area of what was "supposed" to be on the test. Only thing entertaing was his fashion sense
8119993Teaches Prob & Stat II well to statisticians, I m sure, but not a good approach for engineers...
8519993He thought it was funny when the class couldn t answer questions.