RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Johnny Robinson

8820023Nice guy, great for outside help. Getting an A in his class is next to impossible, but a B can be achieved with the right work
8520023Although he knows a ton about animating and gives good critiques, he's tragically disorganized and has a few other annoying quirks that you'll quickly notice if you ever take his classes. When it comes to important "how to animate" type classes, I'd definitely recommend him.
9520023Johnny Robinson?. He is really the MAN! Trust me. I used to have him for 1-1 independent study animation and he was my animation teacher as well. He knows all those animation stuff. However, he has little lack of knowledge with 3D animation. Still, Johnny can help you with many good fundamental concepts of 3D animations anyway. When you get know him more with his animation skills, he a true classic animator as Warner Bros or Disney?s.
9120012Need to work on his umm, uhhh, ahh....
8820004Very hard to rate him. His life experience in the animation field is exceptional. He teaches us how to use the form, the body in motion very well. His methods are harsh though. I guess more Real World than College world. Because of that, I hope everyone finds him to be a challenge. Kinda favors illustrators more.. (ya know the ones.. those who actually pull an A from his class) Otherwise prepair for a B. The only other bad part is the credits one earns for his obscene FRIDAY class. 3 credits for 6 hours of in class work and 6 hours or more for HOMEWORK.. is just way too little. If His Friday class was 6 credits, I'd take it in a Flash, even though i'd risk getting a B (as usual)
8120003Excellent 2D instructor and very supportive. Beware when he teaches history class by accident. The test is tricky and inconsistent to right or wrong. If you have any doubt on a question, mark the likely incorrect answer and you will get the point. In 2D class, you will have full satisfaction, but in history he literally read from the text book for 2 hours. Perhaps, he's much better now, but that's where the B- comes from.
9920002This guy was awesome. He is so laid back and funny. He is a really easy grader too. There wasn't that much discussion in class, but he kept our attention. He really knows a lot about animation and gives straight forward useful advice. I had so much fun in his class and learned a lot, too.
7520002i cant belive that he STOLE aol's yellow man for his ad... pffff
9920001Extremely hard working prof., willing to bend over backwards to aid any animation student
9920001Johnny is the best animation professor we have right now. He has more useful and practical information about 2D animation than anybody else here. Just taking his classes has immeasurably improved the quality of my 3D work. he works incredibly hard for the students and is always honest and direct in his critique of student works. He also has a firm grasp on the realties of how long it takes to produce a student work so his suggestions are always practical and realistic.