RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for James Worman

9120012Good overall professor. Had him for CP1, and it can only become too difficult if you've never done any chemistry. He has old tests, all lecture notes, and much more stuff on reserve and electronic reserve so there should be no problem studying. I've also seen curves on tests upwards of 20 points.
8120012A really nice guy, but not the best professor out there. I wasn't able to pick up the material in class well enough to learn it (this was my first time taking chemistry.) I had to do 90% of my learning straight from the text book, which (sadly) is a better teacher than he is at times. He always has funny stories to tell and his tests aren't hard (they're all multiple choice) and he always curves the grades (even the final grade!) The tests, however, are standardized and can sometimes lead to confusion since some symbols that appear on the tests may not correspond with the stuff that was learned in the book. Going to his class wasn't an overall good use of my time, but it was useful to use it as a "study guide." (To figure out what I needed to learn from the book next.)
9920012I currently have Dr. Worman for Organic Chemistry. Firstly, he is a MUCH better than teacher than Kay Turner is (read below for more info). Dr. Worman presents a lecture that is actually much fun to go to and you will learn a lot at. Don't worry if he goes a little bit on the fast side - he posts the notes on the web. *Side note: He looks a little bit like Donald Rumsfeld. GREAT PROFESSOR!
7520012entertaining..........but thats not what I look for. He taught me nothing, the book did everything and that sucks
8820012Sometimes hard to understand, but it isn't too bad if you pay attention and the read the book. He is very funny at times and grading is lenient.
9920012He is an awesome teacher and I enjoyed his classes a lot. He has fun stories and makes the class easy to get through. The material is hard to understand, but what do you expect, it is chemistry. His test are hard, but the curve he puts on them makes them a lot easier. He is a good teacher even though he has to teach in a huge lecture hall with 182 students ( for college chem 1 at least). If you try, you will do well, especially with a curve that is sometimes 20 points. He is also good if you need to take tests in the LDC, very lenient on giving them to you to take there yourself. I recommend him to anyone to take if they can.
9120012He's like a grandpa or a great uncle. The speed is good. Sometimes he gets a little wierd though.
9520012He was just a great teacher, He knew his stuff, and did his best to teach his students. His stories are awesome and his grading is more than fair(He curves like no tomorrow). If you dont screw around, you should have no trouble with this class and you might even enjoy it *gasp*.
8820012He is a very funny guy who makes you laugh all through class, especially when he says something very alcoholic-like. He teaches the material pretty well, but is sometimes a little hard to follow. He doesn't care if you come to class, which makes it hard to get yourself to show up. His tests are hard but he curves them a lot. Overall a very decent teacher and I am glad I had him.
7820011moved faster and faster as class went on assuming everyone understood everything, decent curve though
7820011"its just that simple"
james worman. (P.S. it isn't that simple)
9120011J.J. is the man. A little tough, but knows his stuff. Stories rule.
6520011Rushed through material, and the tests were ridiculously difficult. I'll have to admit tho that his lectures were a lot of fun, even if you didn't really learn anything going to them. I ended up withdrawing from the course because of fear of failing.
7520011Just another average teacher. He curves tho. And he's not mean...
9120011pretty good teacher, went to his office hours a couple of times and he was there to help. his tests are really difficult, but he does curve. it kinda sucks that administration makes him teach in such a bad lecture hall. RENEVATION!!!!
7520011hes not a bad teacher. he does his best to teach 200 kids without answering individual questions. the lessons on CD were a better teacher.
9920003Heck of a lot better professor than Kay Turner! I would go to her lectures, and not know a thing (except who was in the A++++++ club), and then head off to his lab where he would straighten things out! Way to go Worman!!!
4820003Had him for College Chemistry (the one for engineers). Found his lectures hard to understand and extremely boring. His frequent references to the few female students in the 180+ class made me feel awkward. Most do poorly in his exams, so he always creates a big curve, which confuses students on where they stand, grade-wise.
8520002Not so bad professor but sometime, it bother me to see him wear very old tight jean when he lecture in large audortium.
9920002I had him first quarter, he is a good teacher and has many funny, and also relavent, stories to tell. He uses a very generous curve for grading.
9920002HE IS THA MAN !! he might be a bit slow at first but hes a reall good Chem 1 teach. tests may be a bit hard but he's a cool guy. Much better than Dr. Paine.
9920002Although Chemistry is a very boring subject matter for me, he made it somewhat interesting. He was very enthusiastic in his teaching, I wish I could be as enthusiastic in learning. FYI: I'm not a chem major and the guy still knows my name and says hi in the hallways.
9520002Great teacher. He understands that not everyone is gifted in chemistry. Tells people not to stress out about his tests, and you really don't need to cause he has an awsome curve. Great guy!
9520002He was very knowledgeable... and explained things very well. Always kept asking me after the quarter if I was going to take any more chemistry courses. Very friendly. Did lots of experiments in class.... fired a small cannon once :-)
8820001Very good professor #really knows his stuff, knows how to keep the class interested. Be warned though #he will get upset if the class stops doing well on tests.
9520001Awsome professor! Fun lectures lots of demos and fair tests.
9920001Great teacher. Highly recommended. Very funny, and fair grader.
9920001This teacher is funny and relates the material well to practical applications! Reccommended!
6119993He is really bad. Only take him if you can t take anyone else. Not the worst around here, but could be infinetely better.
8519993He s a pretty good professor, you have to work, but he has interesting lectures, and grades fairly.