RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jennifer Gravitz

9520012Great professor, although we never did get to go on that field trip :(. TAKE Gravitz at all costs! The sign language team (Gravitz and Erica) at the front of class was always top notch.
9920012she is fair and really cares about her students and their wellbeing. take her, she is easy.
9520012She's funny- and manages to keep my attention! The field trips were a lot of fun. If you ever get the opportunity to take criminology- take it with her :)
9920012Dang... She has to be one of the best teacher in CJ Department. very knowledgable with her resources, very friendly but firm, willing to take tiime to sit down and talk.. Take her whenever you see her name teaching a course.. A must!
9920012Prof. Gravitz is awesome. She really makes the class a lot of fun. Also, she is very fair in grading.
9520012tried to keep course interesting. She also signs as she goes.
9520011Professor Gravitz goes step by step in her work. She is easy to contact outside of class and is willing to spend extra time to help you. She makes class interesting and has a good sense of humor that makes Law far from redundant.