RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for James Troisi

7820023Pretty boring stuff, but the guy's kinda crazy so you get a laugh now and then. Kinda tough tests but not too bad.
8520012He's allright. Talks a lot in class. Everything is a lecture. If you can get your hands on lectures notes than you'll pretty much get an A. It's an easy class. 4 essay exams and 1 paper.
9920012Great teacher, enjoyed the handouts on every subject. Gives out the essay topics ahead of time so you can actually write out an outline before class and nail the tests. No homework and pretty much an easy "A". But you must go to class everyday and acutally read the handouts. He takes attendance everyday after a 10 min break halfway through the 2 hr class.
All around great guy with excellent teaching methods!
9920012Great person and teacher. Do the work, which isn't much and you will get a good grade.
7120012This professor has no regard for the American Political system. He believes that nothing Americans do is correct. He is extremely boring and hard to hear. Often gets off subject. And loves to talk about his garden
9920011Great teacher. I took American Foreign Politics with this teacher, and he really mde the class interesting. If I wasn't graduating I would definately take another class with him.

Thanks for the song.
9520011Great teacher, especialy if you want to escape from some dry tech classes.

I chose my minor (International Relations) because it would give me the oportunity to take more classes with him.
9520011explained things well.
7820011Arrogant man. Easy class if you feel like listening to an idiot all class and wasting your time.
9920011A really enjoyable teacher! If you learn the material (which isn't much) the class is very easy. Definately the best liberal arts class!!
9520011Great teacher, knows his stuff, has manageable exams, and keeps things fun with his "My Fair Lady" pieces.
8120003Knows what he is talking about, but goes off on too many tangents. Grades essay tests fairly.
8820003talks about nothing related to the material at times but is very intelligent, tests are ok but lectures are extremely boring
9520002Most entertaining professor i've had here. He goes off on stories that keep your attention. Essay tests.
8820002Goes of on tangents sometime about things not related to the class at all. Essay test kind of suck, but he does grade fair.
9920002Brilliant, one of the best teachers I've ever had.
9920001Brilliant individual, all his tests are essays, which he grades fairly.
9919994Very good teacher and excellent teaching methodology. Unfortunatly he is retiring soon :(.
9519993He knows a lot, grades fairly and his tests are not that bad. Unfortunatly his jokes in class are not funny. Overall one of the greatest Liberal Arts teacher I have ever had here.
9919993Engaging and intelligent. You have to be a rock not to get anything from his classes.