RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jeffrey Lessard

9520023He has some excellent examinations, projects make you work give a practical view of things.Good quality lectures infused with much needed humor.
6820023We all understand that he was offered tenure. He made that clear during the first class. I didnt appreciate him mocking the College of Business and its administrators. Doesn't he realize that when he does this he insults every student that is sitting before him? Perhaps this goes back to early childhood development where little Jeffrey didnt receive enough hugs and now has to make others look bad in a sad effort to improve his own standing. Sorry, Dr. Lessard you just end up looking pathetic. Do yourself a favor and avoid this instructor.
7120012While I do not disagree with the other comments that he is knowledgeable and can adequately teach the material.... the man's personal attitude towards the students is horrid. He is the most obnoxious, eccentric and all around offending professor I have had in the COB. If you can deal with his personality, he is OK to take, otherwise stay away.
9520012Dr. Lessard is very knowledgeable. Though sometimes, he is not very organized and structured when presenting materials, his willingness to spend hours answering questions in class and help students after class make him probably the best finance professor in COB
8820003Lesssssard is good!! ( rem, this statment before you even go in the class :)

He is good.......no doubt! Take him if you don;t mind workin and reading. Surely, he has good sense of humor.
7520003Presentation of material was disjointed, never really seemed to have a good "flow". Expectations were ambiguous, and we did not follow syllabus. Teaching style is relaxed and candid but anecdotes added little value to class.
9920002He knows his stuffs well and makes an effort to teach in an original way.