RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Qiang Tu

9120023Perhaps the most balanced and humble teacher in the MIS faculty. Really a great guy and is here to do hs job. He is knowledgeable and listens to what you say better than any other teacher certainly in the MIS department. Tu gets feedback from his students and does things with it unlike most. Expects you to work as well, seems as if he purposely tries to not be a blow-off teacher. Tu is one of the greats, very unwilling to cater to the morons who want free points on everything to make sure they get an A in every class.
7120023Too much work for a basic level class. He moved too fast. He did care about the student performances.
8120012He explains the material pretty well overall. But he assigns way too much work and is not leniant with his exams.
9520012Pretty good professor.
9520012Fair grader. Very open to comments. Always available for office hours. Cares that students learn. Tries to tie in real world experience.
9520012Very fair and does a great job of going outside the classroom to demonstrate technologies.
8520012Dr. Tu is a very understanding professor. While quite knowledgeable with the topic at hand, I feel sometimes feel that he sticks too closely to what the textbooks dictates in the lectures that makes me wonder sometimes about his real-world experience. I have had Dr. Tu for two classes now and when compared with my friend’s experiences with him, I must say that he has been improving.
9920004He has excelent knowledge of the subject, and is always able to meet with students outside of the class room.
9920002Great addition to the MIS faculty.
9520002I feel that Dr. Tu was a great professor, this is his first year at RIT. He uses visuals and he make the class very fun.
4820002He is very hard..he makes easy things harder and goes beating round the bush. His exams are hard and has no considerations while grading.
9520002He's a really good teacher...you really understand what he's talking about with his slides and demonstrations.
9520002Very good professor. Beautiful power point slides. Tests are not too difficult. The project was a great experience in setting up a network.
9920002Dr. Tu recognizes that students have different levels of skill and different needs in the classroom. He offers unlimited, cheerful help to anyone who needs it. I learned a lot in his class.