RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Joseph Fornieri

9920023This guy is about as good as they come. He is an outstanding performer, and class is never boring with him at the pulpit. He is passionate about history and politics, but while it is obvious he has strong beliefs and opinions, they rarely come up--students are welcome to say how they truly feel on the subject, without reprisal. He speaks as the expert, and noone sleeps in his class--too much fun to miss. Not good at keeping a schedule, but thats ok--he likes to flow into the topics, to work it out as a class, and it all pays off with some real and useful knowledge on how government works and why. Not a lot of graded work, but the 2 tests, 2 quizzes, and the report all were crucial.
8120023I don't think he's as great of a professor as this website seems to suggest. He's OK but not great.
9920023He's a tough grader on papers, but pretty lieneint on quizes. His class is a lot fun as long as people shut up when it comes time to the hardcore lectures. He seems like he really cares that people learn.
9520023Great teacher, tests are straightforward and seems really understanding to students
9920012Simply the most informative, best presented professor at RIT
9920012What an amazing prof. This guy knows everything there is to know about American politics. I was completely uninterested in politics when I started the class and now I find myself wanting to take more classes with him. You must be prepared to work though...cause he gives pop exams and his midterms are pretty tough.
9920012A Excellent teacher. His lectures are stimulating and he relates classroom topics to the real world. If you are looking for a American Politics teacher he is the man. I plan on taking him for as many concentration classes as i can!
9920012Outstanding teacher who was very knowledgeable, clear and to the point. Exams and such were all very fair. Keep the good work Dr. Fornieri!
9920012Excellent professor, perhaps the best I have ever known.
9520011Insightful lectures plus applicable assignments equals great professor. A true value to the program.
9120011Very excited about his subject. A fair amount of work expected. Mostly lectures and note taking. American Politics-great class
9920003Dr. Fornieri is by far one of the best teachers I have had in my life. He made politcs interesting and actually made it enjoyable. His lecture format was a conversational format that was easy to follow and always stimulated interesting relavted discussions. This was also accompanied by notes and explanations. No question ever went unacknowledged! If given the chance, definitely take one, if not all, of his courses! You won't regret it!
9520003Simply one of the nicest and most learned professors that I have had here at RIT
7820003before he got tenure track he was a great professor who seemed to care about and charish his students, now he is too busy for anyone and his energy in the classroom went way down, overall he is a let down and a fallacy
9920003Definitely recommend to anyone in a Pol. Sci. class. Goes out of his way to aid students, responds and encourages questions, puts some humor in his lectures, and is available to meet anytime. Grades well and requirements aren't at the Harvard level, but students certainly learn a great deal.
9920003An outstanding professor. The class is interactive, contemporary events are discussed, and he shows a genuine interest in the students thoughts.
9920002Dr. F is one of the best professors I have had here at RIT. I took American Politics because I had to, and ended up loving it. Currently in Constitutional Law with him also, and the class is just a pleasure to be in. Stimulates conversation and dialogue, doesn't let his opinion or bias get in the way, and makes class enjoyable. Would definately reccomend Dr. F to ANYONE interested in taking a Politics course!
9920002Prof. Fornieri is perhaps the most brilliant educator I have had the pleasure of knowing. I liked him so much I took another course with him after his American Politics class. I have enjoyed that one too. He could teach me anything.
9920002Outstanding teacher.......very great teaching ability.....has great ability to get students attention.......would take all of his classes.....highly recommended
9920002Professor Fornieri is an enthusiastic teacher. His love for politics makes him a great teacher. He makes an effort to not only remember a student's name, but to get to know them, inside or outside the classroom. He takes his time to meet with students for study sessions or subject related events. He is a passionate teacher. Great for American Politics.
7520002This guy tries to be funny but is an idiot!!! He yells a lot for no reason. He doesn't know what he is doing a lot of times. He smells like Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street!!!!
9920002Dr.Fornieri has the attutude towards learning, and teaching that we should all share. It would be nice if other instructors followed his example. He truly cares about what he does and gives 100% all of the time, he does ask for the same from you as well. You will certainly learn a great deal in his courses, I have taken two so far and plan to take more if I can.
9920001I hate politics! but i like his class. he makes things interesting, and grades fairly. he is an excellent prof and i learned alot in his class !
9920001Dr. Fornieri is a great professor. I am taking American Politcs with him now, and it is a lot of fun. He grades very fair, and makes class interesting. Would take another class with him in the near future if possible.