RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jack Cook

9120023You have to work your butt off in his classes, but what you learn will definitely make a difference in your future. If you don't succeed in his class, you are not likely to succeed in the real world.
9120023One of the best professors at RIT. You will do more work for his classes then for any other professor but you will atleast learn something.
7520023The first class I took with him was great. He took the time to learn my name and get to know me. Actually made me feel like a person and not just a social security number. I had some personal issues which resulted in a late assignment and was not given credit in order to "teach me a lesson" about responsibilty. Would not have been perturbed except for the fact that everyone makes mistakes, including Jack, and sometimes compassion is the best solution. Received a full letter grade lower as a result. You have to take his good points with his bad though, and his classes are worth the negatives. Was great about letting us write our own practice questions before exams and using those same class written questions on the tests!
8820023He is the best of teachers, he is the worst of teachers. Great personality and conduct. A rare find in that - he keeps things interesting and still can teach great as well. Has THE BEST system for participation on the campus that I've had. Cook definetly makes you work and is the most accessable teacher I've had here. He has a few negative points as well, like carrying flags for certain subject matters that in my opinion, takes away from what he's supposed to be teaching, also has an ego problem which most of the time is in a positive way and enjoyable. I'm happy to have had him as a teacher, it was a great experience and I have a lot of respect for him - but in the end - I give him a B+, the same grade he'd give to someone who doesn't rally for his causes...