RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for James Fleming

8520023Man is really smart but his American Presidency class is really boring. All we did was watch movies that were replicas of the readings. Didn't really learn much. Kinda dissappointed after I had him for American Politics, where there is more discussion, he does much better.
7520023The class (american politics) was insufferably boring. His tests seemed to be more fact based then concept based, and once in a while he asked really silly questions like "how many electoral votes does the state of New York currently have?". Please. I must say though, it was a very easy B for me, and with a little bit of effort I could have gotten an A, but it left me with a sour aftertaste for politics.
9520023He really gets into what he teaches and is open to any and all questions. He makes himself available to students.
7520023Very dull. Not at all intriguing. I'd recommend Ferber or Fenari, who subbed while Fleming was out and actually made class enjoyable.
9120023I took him for American Politics. His lectures were fairly interesting, the book was good, and the tests were pretty easy. There were two multiple choice tests, one essay test, and then a paper due at the end. My only complaint was sometimes the class was a bit boring. Overall I recommend it.
9920023Fleming is very helpful and has interesting lectures. Fairly easy tests. NO FINAL! 3 tests and a project (Am. Politics)
9920012Very nice, very helpful, and very fair...
8120012Interesting to listen too, but pay attention to what he says (write it down), cause thats what tests are based on...including the book.
9520012Knew the material very well and did a good job of making boring material some what interesting. If you attend all his classes and do the readings you should do well.
9920012Great professor.
Made classes interesting. Tests aren't bad if you actually study for them. Would recommend him to others.
8520012I dunno. He was okay, the class was really easy, but I don't think he cares as much as everyone else who voted seems to think. I'd still recommend the class (Am Pol.), but I didn't think he was all that great.
9520011This guy has the attitude all faculty should; he comes to class hoping to give students something they can walk away with and use. his tests are based on readings from the textbook as well as on class notes, straightforward and no tricks. Theres a final paper, but you can pick a subject which interests you so it really isn't that bad. I highly recommend Professor Fleming to anyone for American Politics, or any of his other courses, I will be looking to take more in the future.
9920011ok so he had kidney stones!! still a great guy and an easy class. it was interesting some days, you could skip or sleep other days an easy A and you learn something too!!!
9920003AWESOME! he knows his stuff. he's willing to talk to you about anything. tests are on the readings and they are not hard. great professor!
9920003This guy is great! The tests are straightforward and I learned a lot from the lectures alone! He really cares about each student.
9520002great professor and intellectually stimulating. I had him for american politics and he was great
9520001great teacher. cares about students
9920001Class was good and I learned a lot. A good guy.
9119993Very solid teacher. Current events are also discussed during class and he seems to value student opinions.