RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jeff Lillie

9520023RIT hires people who are at least competent. Professor Lillie does better than that, and he is THE man on embedded and logic design. He's new--needs some time to get the teaching this figured out, but he works hard on getting better, doesn't punish you for his shortcomings, and if you pay attention and do the work, you will come out knowing the material better than anyone else. Worthless? No way. This guy has the hard part down (knowlegde and desire) now he's getting the presentation down. If anything, he needs to be more strict on policy, rather than let students try and shame him into leniency.
9920023Great Guy. Will meet with you any time. willing to come in on days off, will change the course schedule around if it benifits the class, awsome guy and very very liberal grader