RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Josef Torok

9520023Excellent teacher. Though he appears to be relaxed and funny, he really knows his material and cares about the students. He is an entertainer and class becomes more enjoyable when you understand his jokes.
9920023Math I

Cool Guy, knows his Math. Has some off beat jokes. I would only take him again if I needed to, like for my Math courses. He is good though, just not my type. Can be over my head.
9520012VERY GOOD. Had him for static’s and dynamics. He explains everything in a simple and straightforward way. He draws clear diagrams on the board and writes clearly and is willing to explain anything as many times as you want so you understand it well. He approaches all the problems in a simplistic and logical way. He is a total nonconformist. Wears jeans and t-shirts to class and tells jokes. Told the whole class to take the textbook back to the bookstore because it was expensive and we did the whole course by him copying the pages we needed. Makes a relaxed atmosphere in class and makes himself available outside of class. I'm going to try to take him again if I get the chance.
9920012Oh man, this guy is awesome. Take him if you can!!
9520012I had Torok for Statics and Dynamics. He knew that the class was for EE's and didn't kill us with work. His examples were well done, and tests extremely predictable. He enjoys embarrassing students for comical purposes, but is overall a nice teacher. I would take him again
9920012follow his format from the beginning.
the guy cracks me up
9920004Torok is a cool guy. Pretty easy grader and easy tests too.
9920003Non-conformist is the right word here. Dr. Torok is certainly a character. I had him for ACT last spring and got an A. The homework load was about right, and if he doesn't cover what he is supposed to cover he probably won't test you on it.
7520003What can I say about Dr. Torok. If you are the type of person who likes to be ridiculed in class for asking a question, if you are the type of person who isn't afraid of being told that you are dumb, by all means take Dr. Torok. For most of you he is unavoidable, but if you put in enough time and effort on your own, more than you have ever put into any other class, you will do okay.
9920002You will learn alot, and the tests are nothing to stress over.