RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jai Kang

4820023He sucks. his tone is the same all the way. his accents just made me dizzy. He grades too tough.
9520023Yeah, so he has an accent...well, guess what, if you're an international student everyone around you is speaking in an alien accent...that doesn't seem to stop a lot of international students from doing well. I think Prof Kang deserves a break from all the pot-shots about his accent. He's a cool guy, very funny and likeable. Try not to check your mail or goof off in his class and you'll be fine. He sets high standards in his Java classes, which is understandable since this is IT, which spells "PROGRAMMING"...duh...
I'd take him again if I had to.
8520023714-Java. Nice guy. Fair. Organized. Helpful. Dedicated. Lectures are a little dry (mostly just off PPT Slides). Knowledgable, but not *always* able to explain it well. Prefers the students to "look it up" instead of answering some questions.
Homeworks + "In-Class Exercises" + Extra-Credit Assignments = too much assigned work.
9120023714 - Java Programmers. Prof. Kang does a good job of explaining concepts, and covering material given the allotted time. For this course you definitely need a strong programming background. His exams are fair and the workload is heavy but well justified. He grades fairly. He is very good about responding to emails and always available if you need help. Since it is a programming course some topics are dry and the lectures can be too, I don’t think that is a reflection on the professor just the material. Overall, Dr Kang does a good job explaining concepts and providing guidance.
9520023Prof. Kang is stringent on deadlines, but he's a great teacher. He is always willing to help and often returns questions on projects until 2 am. I did not find his accent to be a problem and although he may not be able to convey his humor well in English, he is able to convey lessons well enough. He doesn't really need the standard materials that there are for JAVA in order to teach it. He's a great teacher and I'm taking him again this quarter and I'm recommending him to everyone.
8520023Good guy, knew the class material, or bothered to try to learn quickly. A little hard to understand due to an accent at times, but if you're here to learn and not be a biggot, it's not a problem.
9520023I only had him for lab, but he always did a great job at answering my questions and giving me exactly the help I needed when Lutz wasn't any help.
9520023class: 360
Lost of experience. A little hard to understand sometimes. Easy to talk to.
4820012not too friendly... grades tough....
9520012took him for database this quarter, he's goes very deep into the material and his tests are hard, but you learn alot if you actually pay attention

not for people who want to slack off and still get an A
7820012Nothing great, nothing terribly bad, except for the language barrier. This was the first quarter for Java II and the program needs to be revised greatly. Perhaps after that is done, then he will be able to teach this material better.
6520012For everyone who is praising Kang for VB, just go ahead and take him for Database, and prepare for painful, boring lectures that i swear last twice as long as they are. Class averages on tests turn out to be in the F range, AVOID AVOID AVOID
6520012So I went to Kang and asked him a question about Concentrations. He proceded to ask me if I was sure you needed two concentrations in IT. nuff said.
4820012One of the most horribly boring VB teachers around. Famous for making completely unrelated metaphors and then screwing them up, all in order to explain a relatively simple concept. Takes 20 minutes doing so. For the love of God, STAY AWAY!
5320012Not only does he have an accent, but on top of it he has a speech impediment...he is very diffiuclt to understand and does not know english well enough to explain specific concepts. Maybe he can teach VB, but he cannot teach Database.
4820012DO NOT TAKE KANG FOR DATABASE!!! I dont care how much of a "VB God" he is, he truly is DB SATAN!!!
4820012The worst teacher on campus. After the first couple of "required" classes i didn't show up unless their was a test. If VB2 wasn't so ridiculously easy theres no way i wouldn't have aced that class. I feel sorry for the kids who were slower learners.
7520012Prof Kang is a hard teacher to rate. He most certainly knows the material he is teaching. No doubt about it. He cannot however convey his knowledge to the class. Therefore the lectures are _painfully_ boring. His accent is tough to get used to at first, but its easily understood after 1 class period. Lectures DO NOT prepare you for the exams. There is often a bunch of material that was never mentioned in class. He also does very few relevent in class examples. Avoid Prof Kang if you don't already know a good deal about the class you are going to take. If you already know a fair amount, its possible to muddle your way through.
9520012I had professor Kang for VB lab last year, and I meshed with him quite well. ALthough he does have an accent, my girlfriend is Asian and I was used to it already. He isnt THAT hard to understand, anyone making fun of his accent is just scapegoating the fact that they are bad students or didnt do enough work. He respects intelligence and thouroughness... he respects questions and honesty. He was always willing to help with VB stuff, and when I asked him about being a VB tutor he gave me support and recommendation. He might take getting used too, but Kang really is a good guy.
9920003I took this professor two quarters straight for my VB classes. Although difficult to understand sometimes, he is willing to say it several times. A great professor. Tests are quite fair and don't dwell on trivial aspects of the subject matter. I highly recommend Professor Kang and would take yet another class from him.
9920003After getting used to the accent, this became the only class I enjoyed. The man is extremely knowledgeable in his field. Any questions from the students were answered in extreme detail. His sense of humor and intelligence made VB II the best class I've taken by far.
9920002Great teacher, he knows his stuff and is always willing to help students.
9920002There's a theme I've picked up on during my time at RIT: the best teachers are those with experience. In Prof. Kang's case, his obvious experience really allows him to teach VB well. Aside from experience, Kang makes an effort to make his lectures interesting, and generally succeeds. He's also fair in his grading, and open to student questions.
9920002Possible THE best professor at RIT. He made classes interesting and fun. I never missed a class even though I knew a lot of what he was teaching. He has a great sense of humor, which lightens the monotonous class lectures. Kang = VB God is the truth. The mans knows pretty much everything there is to know about it. Ask him a question and he knows the answer. He also grades fairly. I wish I had taken him for VB I. He can teach what he knows and is willing to help you.
4820002He doesn't speak english very well at all. I had such a horrible time with his VB I class. I DON'T recommend him.